Thursday, June 16, 2005

41,544,815 Iraqi Dinars

For the past few months my dad's primary objective for me was to figure out how much money was made from the farm last year. Not only for accounting purposes, but also so that I get a feel of the value of the farm which I so sorely dislike. That's about 27k dollars or14k euros.

The ride back was a pain in the ass. Some joint in the front-right wheel broke and we get a quick fix in Hilla. Within half an hour I went over a checkpoint speed bump and it broke again. The breaking of the joint meant that I had to tug the steering wheel to the right the rest of the way. So far we were in good spirits.

Until a couple humvees ahead blocked the highway. We waited for over 2 hours in the heat for them to detonate an IED on the road. And wait another hour till they cleared the road for us to continue.

First thing I did when I got home. Took a piss and a shower. Drank a litre of Vimto. Just now I took a look at the ashtray and saw what resembled lipstick on the butt of a cigarette. A woman was here? How strange. But then I took a look at the cigarette that I was smoking at the moment and it dawned on me that the Vimto stained my lips red.

I haven't eaten anything yet. I woke up at around 10AM it's now 6:45. The whole trip which should of taken no more than 3 hours lasted 7. During my stay at the farm everyday I'd eat a bit of bread and a tin of Saupiquet's Tuna Salads. Just about the only time I eat fish. But my god! they're packed with long-lasting energy.

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Brian H said...

Yep, fish are an ideal food in some ways. Omega 3 lipids, other elements and compounds that our bodies are ideally adapted to use. Seems like we evolved on lake and seashores eating lotsa fish.