Saturday, June 18, 2005


Met up with India today to go see his dentist. We had time to spare and India wanted to check his e-mail inbox but the internet cafe wasn't working. I was hungry so I ate a felafel sandwich with houmous and amba sauce (pickled mango sauce I think it is). That stuff leaves you so thirsty.

We then went on to the waiting room at the dentist's. The dentist was busy with some woman and her child was going through the magazines in the waiting room. While India and I were chatting he said that we were talking English, India was quick to reply that we were talking Arabic. Before the kid left he said to India that his mouth was so big, India replied: "so that I may eat you with it", and the kid said to India: "Your nose is so big". To which India replied: "So that I may smell you". Finally the kid said that India's eyes were big to which India replied: "So that I may see you".

His dentist took a look at my teeth at made the same remark as the dentist before last made. My wisedom teeth have only half-sprouted and are pushing the rest of my teeth. I need an x-ray and then will have to have them removed. As far as needing 17 fillings, he said that was that my teeth were okay but a couple may need some work done on them eventually.


Half a bottle of red Lebanese wine later, I'm too tired to finish typing this post.

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