Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm a-going to the farm I'm a-going

Well I'm still sitting on my desk. But soon enough my stuff will be packed and I'll be on my way to the farm. With tinned tuna-salads for food, and club soda for drink, and a couple of little bottles of beer. Nicotine patches that fall off when I sweat and nicotine gum for that before I go to bed cravings. Sheets of 1mg Lorazepam to take me to sleep. I should be fine. The only question now is will the car make it there.

I've got my calculator with me too, so maybe I'll get some figures for last year, although I rather have my PC. I should get a laptop. But I'm not intent on making any large purchases until I know how much profilt I'm making.

Got to go.

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Anonymous said...


What is the farm house like? Electricity or propane? Can you cook there?

We look forward to hearing about your latest adventure!

Take care,
Tilli (Mojave Desert)