Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My First Day Back At Uni

Went quite well. Hitched a cab for 3,000 I.D. got me there on time. I think the ride took about 45 minutes. The girls this year aren't as bad as I had expected. There's a strong average of girls with a rate of 5/10 and not many more above or below.

Got to my first class late. Something to do about databases and SQL. But Foxpro had yet to be installed into the PCs. I then switched my section. The first section I was in had a few decent boys and a few not so hot girls. The other section had more chicks, but also included the rough kids that failed last year. These rough ones I know. And they're probably hoping that I help them with their studies. Yeah right! From an academic point of view the previous section sounds to me to be the better choice. But the chicks in the other, they're plentiful and could keep me occupied, during those boring breaks. I'll just try them both out, and make a final decision later if I still can.

I scared a couple of girls in the second section. I was only trying to get to know each other. Now the two girls look away from me and if I come up to them to talk they'll literally run away. I don't what the deal is. But I think it's pretty darn impolite and childish.

In one the classrooms, the lab professor kept me behind in class. He started talking some mumbo jumbo, I told him what he was saying wasn't making any sense to me. Finally he explained that it was rude that I cross my legs in the class room. These people are so touchy huh. But it was all in good humour, I don't have any grudges against that guy.

I took a dare-devil cab driver back home on the way I began reading some of the handouts that I had to purchase. The stuff I'm supposed to be studying looks kind of dense to me. But as usual what kills me is that it's in Arabic. But I managed to read a little, understand a little too.

Got home and fell asleep. Going to uni really kills my legs, especially my knees. I don't know maybe I should try to get that cleared up before it gets worse. That uni should install some more seating arrangements. I'm looking forward to being super duper anti social with my DS and PSP.

Did I mention that I've got a cold. And I do love a good cold. No runny nose too. Just the dull thump in my head. I would really like a beer now.

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