Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thank You For Dial-Up

I just got the dial-up internet connection at my home up hooray.

It's 2:50 AM and today's my birthday. Was supposed to have had Od, Dina, Rosie and I don't know who else over for a little get together yesterday on the occasion of my birthday. But Dina was getting all pissy about it because it's Ramadhan. I got pissy because she was getting pissy. I seem to be getting pissy at Dina alot lately. Not fucking healthy. The thing got cancelled, but we all forgot to inform Rosie who went over to Dina's thinking it was still on with a birthday present for meee.

I'm wondering if the electricity is going to cut off just because I'm writing a post...

I guess it's not going to just yet. Crikey my socks stink. I think I've been avoiding showers lately. I planning to do a work-out tomorrow. Crap I planned to do a bunch of things I'm not going to do. First of all it's my birthday, if there was ever a day in the year that I could procastinate then it should be my birthday.

I'm not really in the mood of doing the usual birthday fest with the lads because K isn't here to do the barbequeing. Oops I already whined about this in my last post.

I'm getting instant spam comments on my posts as soon as I post. That's awful. I was wondering what that article I was reading a few days ago was all about. And I think I saw some option on blogger to deal with this. I guess I'm going to have to find and activate it.

I miss typing on my keyboard. It feels so much more comfortable than those sticky keys at internet cafes. Keyboards are under-rated. The plundering of Baghdad after the fall of Saddam is a testament of keyboards being over-rated. PCs were being stolen and sold on the streets. Now I didn't really see this for myself. But for months people were talking about the idiots selling off the keyboards for higher prices than the cases pointing out that the whole thing is useless without the keyboard. And I'm not the first or the last to ask this, but why do people in the movies bother shooting the monitors?

The electricity has been awfully good the past few days. Obviously it's something to do with the weather. I had to wait all day for the orange juice that was in the freezer to thaw. I hadn't seen that piece of junk freezer freeze anything for months. It's all very incredible. Just to think that ice will be available for the next months to come. Oh my gosh! the possiblities are stupendous.

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Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday!

To you, Shaggy.

All best wishes and love

from your fan, Tilli