Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Slightly Chilly Evening

I think winter finally started this evening. I walked out of the house around 7 in the evening, and there was a chilly breeze. The internet cafe hadn't yet re-opened from after futoor. So I walked on, walked passed the barber who was sitting down watching the tellie. TV programming during Ramadhan is supposed to be really good. I walked a little further and found a bench to sit on. I was thinking of calling Dina but she was probably still eating futoor.

The chilly breeze felt quite nostalgic of the days when I used to smoke pot. Lately I've been missing that. I don't miss the high as much as the numb escape. I sat on the bench remembering the winter that I arrived in Baghdad nearly 4 years ago. The cooler weather called for some sweets. So I decided to grab the car and go get some konafa. I walked back to my street, and changed my mind and decided to walk to the konafa shop. On the way I called Dina, and continued chatting to her outside the shop until a bunch of guys started walking towards the shop, I obviously had to get priorities right, so I hanged up and ran into the store.

By the time I got home the konafa got a little cold but I dug in anyway. It was rather good. I guess there is something good about Ramadhan.

I was supposed to start the farm accounts today. Didn't get much done at all. I was planning to type in every single journal entry into the computer, but that seemed too daunting a task. I just got the sum of incomes and expenses for the past 6 months and that's it. All I need now is the amount of money piped in and out of the farm to figure how much profit or loss was made. And that'll be taking the easy way out of this whole deal.

Pins and needles owww!

Dad called a short while ago. He's postponed his arrival yay! That gives me more time to do the accounts. But I already outlined that I won't do it the hard way. He seemed to be in a good mood, I hadn't spoken to him in months.

Oh shit! I've got dandruff again. I only just stopped using an anti-dandruff shampoo a couple of weeks ago.

I'm spending too much money talking to Dina on my mobile phone. It was worth it when I had a chance with her. But since that chance has been exhausted there really isn't much of a point on wasting money on the phone calls.

I've got to get a few things done over the next few days. I'm wondering if I should celebrate my birthday party. It doesn't seem like there's going to be much of a point without what's his name who's in the UK now, who's always been in charge of the barbequeing. Seeing the guys try to barbeque last week at Fal's was an awfully pathetic site, wouldn't want to repeat that disaster even though nobody seemed to want to admit it at the time.

India admits to have forgotten that I'm around these days. He's been going out and about without telling me. That honestly is fine with me. But I hope he does give me heads up next time he goes to the market, so I buy a PSP. I did get a Nintendo DS as a gift a short while ago, and oh my goodness gracious me, does that little thing make time fly by while waiting in a 3 hour petrol queue.

I think I need to go back home and smoke a cigarette.

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