Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Lost Game Cease-Fire Broken

Yesterday Kasofa broke the truce followed by prompt retaliation from Shaggy and further counter retaliations from both sides. Talks are now in progress to re-establish the cease-fire. To find out more click here.

In other news, Saddam got killed.

The clip they showed on the tellie was so freaking dodgy. And the moon landing didn't happen either. I was telling my aunt, who I played the driver for today too, that they're not showing Saddam actually getting hanged and that we can't even see the faces of the executioners or the presence of any officials. I went to the club, got my official receipt for joining, handed in the passport pictures, was supposed to come back after an hour but didn't to pick up the membership cards. By the time I did come back to pick up the IDs the offices were closed.

Last night I finished reading the nine page human resource management handout that I've been trying to read for the past week. But I've still got to dig out all the words I didn't understand from the dictionary and try to really understand what it was that I read. I did move on to do some homework for another subject. Got 20 percent of that done. I'm so far behind schedule. And no I didn't make a study schedule yet.

I spoke to Suzy a couple of nights ago I think. I had that talk with her about how I felt. I learnt that I'm not her 'first love' as I had assumed and that she's not expecting to ever marry me thus falsifying another assumption of mine. It finally seemed to me that the conditions are set for a romantic relationship without the marriage clause. So I ask her what she thought about us getting together. And she got to asking what that would mean. I said that it wouldn't change much and I'd start pinching her bum and say "I love you"s. And here's the hitch, I really don't have any feelings for her and I tell her so. And in all honesty she's not hot or interesting enough. She said that she'll think about it.

Just before I started writing the post Nahida's bro called me up to the roof to show me the heavy smoke from an explosion, I took a picture of it, but it really isn't that impressive in my opinion. Just now he came to the staircase to raise my attention to the mortar rounds blowing up in succession, I followed him up to the roof but by the time we got up there it stopped. He pointed out another cloud of black smoke rising in the opposite direction of previous one. He says that the retaliation for Saddam' execution will take place tonight. I don't imagine hearing much about that tomorrow.

Breaking news: the truce is back on. Which as explained by Kasofa requires that the truce itself be not mentioned. So you the reader and I have just lost right now, but it stops here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! No, not pulling your leg at all - just spending what was to be my vacation at home, infected with the flu and your deliciously eloquent ennui.

tmpName said...

Seriously, you've got a great blog. I've been reading regularly for about a year now, and I've read parts of the archive, too.
I'm just not a good commenter, I guess there are others like me lurking. Still wanting to reply to your "Piss Take" post (basically: "You're welcome!").
I guess I need a proper screen name.

I've even recently began to appreciate some those very interesting links on the side, especially those trying to scam people by implying the New Dinar will gain value back to the exchange rate of the (old) Dinar from 15 years ago. Check them out, they appear regularly. :)

Shaggy said...

I'm flattered. Thanks for your support anonymous, tmpname and konfused kid.

Anonymous said...

God damn it!! I lost again!! You make me lose at every corner man!! WTF! Kasofa.