Monday, December 11, 2006

Sub Woofer Come

Ought to be doing guitar exercises right now but I'm enjoying listening to my iPod through my old Creative PC speakers that's just been brought back to life.

A week ago when I picked up my old desktop from the PC repair shop I dropped off the speakers that had stopped working a long time ago and that I paid over a hundred dollars for, so it was worth trying to get them fixed. Anyway, I used to keep the sub woofer underneath my desk. One time I was wanking and a shot of come flew onto the fabric front of the sub woofer. And I never ever cleaned it. So when I took to the repair guy he took out the speakers out of the box to make an inventory list of all the items. And as he held the sub woofer he began feeling and rubbing the come stain and he continued doing so for at least a whole minute. I had thought about cleaning the thing before taking but never made the time but I'd have never imagined someone being so drawn to the stain. It was so hard not to tell him what it was, and I didn't, I just did my best to keep a straight face.

I didn't get my phone back yet, but it should get retrieved tomorrow. It's a bit odd going out without a mobile phone. Being unable to get in touch with home if something out of the ordinary happens. When I was at evening class the teacher said that a ministry near my house got hit by a bucket load of rockets, which got me worried, but on my way home I didn't notice anything indicating that. I gave one of the guy's a ride home with me thinking if I don't have a phone, I might as well drag someone with a phone with me.

I chatted to K yesterday. He told me he was engaged. I've got the feeling that he's told me that before several times and I keep forgetting that. So I'm making a note of it here.

It's so nice having a big sound in the house again, for the longest time I've been relying on my laptop for music. I need to get a docking station for the iPod with a remote control. I wonder if they have those at Bab-AlShargi. I still haven't heard all the songs I've got on my iPod. And for some reason, I've got a ton of corrupted mp3s ever since I switched to the new iTunes. There were a few corrupted ones before, but I get the impression that there are a whole lot more ever since I switched.

Talking to a girl in my class today, she's travelled a good deal to my surprise. And she says it's not as impossible to transfer from our uni to a uni abroad as I thought it to be. She's planning to go to America as soon as she gets her visa. One thing I appreciated about her was that she took into consideration the costs of studying abroad, the one thing that nobody ever seems to do when they suggest that I ought to leave.

The more I think about leaving, the more I'm happier to be here. But the thought that life could be better abroad, that maybe I could be a better person from the inside also makes leaving more tempting. But I've faced the exact same situation before, and I chose to leave. And in retrospective I regret that choice. Travelling, re-adjusting and culture shocks are just too taxing and I'm still burnt out. Five years in Iraq and I'm still healing.


Konfused Kid said...

That was fuckin' funny dude, I tried hard to keep a straight face but eventually I laughed too.
Goddamit, don't spray all over the place, point it at the sky like Iraqis do when they get happy...
stay safe, and keep on writing..

p.s. ur tutor is Zai? nice guy...

Anonymous said...

Well...... I guess there are some advantages to being female...