Monday, December 25, 2006

Last Of My Bottle Of Teacher's

Just got off the phone with Suzy. The phone registry says the call was nearly an hour long. What's different this time was that she was the one to call me. There's was an opening to talk to dirty. When talking about New Year's (which I've decided to ignore this year) I mentioned how back in Lebanon we'd get in a group of guys and girls and have booze and drugs, and that we'd have a good time and thinking to myself I thought I'd of had a better time if I didn't always puke my guts out before midnight. She quickly asked me if I take drugs. I told her I did and she asked me how it felt. I mentioned the giggles and the munchies and the dead-brain effect the following day. She said she wanted to try it once, even after I told her that it wrecked my life. She wanted to know more about me and the 'drug' thing, but I told her that I didn't like opening up to that subject since it's behind me and she tried to refrain from asking more. One thing I did try to make clear was that I appeared to people as a stoner even before I started smoking up.

Dealing with Suzy is troublesome. She's got some puppy love for me now. That first-love kind of love. And I don't love her. The trouble is that it's so damn tempting to take advantage of it. She's not gorgeous, but hell I'm desperate enough and I'm so tempted. A bit of feely-touchy during school would be more than welcome if it didn't have such strong emotions on her side to deal with. On one hand I'm pressured to be close to her since we did become friends throughout last year and especially since her best-friend Sandy left a couple of weeks ago. It makes for a funny juggle between our friendship, her love for me, and my perverted and unaffectionate impulse to feel her up. I ought to try to talk to her frankly about it.

Had an argument with India when he told me that Sadr's alliance with the big Shiite alliance has been broken. I was drunk at the time. But my point was that it wouldn't make any difference on what was going on the ground and India was saying that something will happen but that he didn't know what. It's just weird how I was just angrily protesting at such an alliance in my before-last post. But al-Sadr's militia isn't the only one, it's just that it's the least discreet.

What the Brits did at that police station in Basra today was a good thing, and it ticks me off that some officials have the audacity to criticize them for it. I wish we could some more of the same being done by the Americans elsewhere.

Nahida's been pissed off at me up until today, but I think she's finally thawing.

This holiday's been good to me. I'm well chilled out now unlike how I was just before it started. Now that I'm at home without the need to go to uni and have to go through the ordeal of getting there, there's much less stuff to stress me out.

I do need to get studying. I've spent the past couple of days reading four pages of a handout. Well it's a start. I've memorized the definition of Human Resource Management so far. That's bound to come up on the test that I've got coming up two weeks time. But I really need to pick up the pace.

Porn sites are so unfair. The bleeding reminder of what lays beyond the borders of this god-forsaken country. And now I'm out of booze too bugger! And I would be complaining about the lack of weed if I was Od, but I've had my share of weed at the expense of pussy. I regret not getting some from the UK for the poor guy. I think I could've pulled it off, but India put it in my head that there were sniffer dogs at the airport and I didn't imagine Nahida's sister who works at the airport would whisk me through all the security controls.

There are prostitutes still working here. But I'm too pussy shit to deal with them. And they're freaking expensive. And I'm incapable of saving a penny. I really ought to try to start saving money. Okay how about setting a target? I could easily put aside ten thousand dinars a day on the days I go to college without anyone noticing. So that would come up to approximately a hundred bucks a month. Which isn't bad at all. I think a hundred bucks could get me one fine whore for one night. So if I save for two months I could get two whores for one night that Sida went on and on about what a great experience it was to do. But I'm still pussy shit to get whores on my own.

Suzy called again just to tell me that she's going to sleep now. I don't know why she feels compelled to do so. But in any case I'm out of booze now (drank the last sip) and I'm not quite sleepy yet. I've decided to change my cheap whiskey choice now: Teacher's is way better than the Grant's I used to buy and it's only a couple thousand dinars more.

Oh and Merry Christmas :) Had I not showered today, I could've made snow by rubbing my hair.

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