Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Woke up around mid-day. Nahida chose not to wake me up today. I was supposed to sign a right-of-attorney for the lawyer, but she couldn't get through to him. I would've like to have gone to college, but I don't think it's a big deal I didn't go although I told one of my teachers that I would show up today. I slept really late last night anyway.

So after I scoffed some basterma and eggs, I took a walk to the shops to buy a pack of cigs. And the weather was so nice, that I popped the last bit of vodka that I had lying around before I left and chilled in the garage. After I finished the vodka, I got showered and dressed, told Nahida that I was going to Kais's just to save myself from an argument. Because I was after those DS games again.

I've been asking people whether the odds and evens on the road rule is still in force, and most people told me that it wasn't. So today was an odd day and my car's even. So I'm a bit wasted and I get pulled aside twice at the checkpoints. Each time I offered to pay the fine and once I've pulled out the cash from my pocket they both asked me for ten thousand dinars (6 bucks) instead of paying the thirty thousand dinar fine.

It was four o'clock when I reached Bab-Alshargi. And the all the shops there were closed. So another day goes by and I don't have any new DS games. I spent the rest of the day at Kala's. Miz dropped me home at around seven o'clock. The street was really dark, the only person I saw was a traffic policeman at the end of the street. Miz pointed out to me that the street lights are kept off all the time now. The curfew is now at 9 o'clock, but I can't blame people for not wanting to walk about if there are no street lights.

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