Tuesday, November 07, 2006

College Don't Want To Start

Woke up, drove to college. Not many people there. Only two other students in my class showed up. We were going to start last Sunday, but that Saddam verdict curfew stopped that from happening. And today the day that the curfew got lifted, alot of people were afraid to go out in fear that something might happen. But as far as I can tell today was a pretty normal day.

We're just a month and a half away from mid-year exams I think, and we've yet to start. And there are alot of students that have left the country and won't be attending this year. In our university the people that are in your first year are the same people that'll be sitting in the same classes with you till your last year. The only way we get new students is if people fail from the year ahead of us. I was in with the year ahead of us when I was in first year.

After hanging out at college for a while and speaking to some of the teachers. I decided to go catch a cab to Bab-Alshargi to get more DS games. So I walk up to the intersection to grab a cab but the Americans have the intersection locked down with these vehicles that they've been using alot instead of humvees, I don't know what they're called. I got yelled at along with some others and wasn't even allowed to cross to the other side.

More people would walk into the intersection trying to mind their own business some would just walk through and it made sense in the case of a couple with a little child, but others caught the Americans attention. A couple guys who were told to stop were made to stand next to me, but then they figured it'd be okay to walk back from where they came from, the American from his vehicle shot something at the guys' feet with a sling shot.

Then a woman came by and was told to stand with the two guys, me and the other by-standers. As the vehicle that had been ordering the two guys and the woman to stand still drove off the soldier on top of the vehicle blew the woman a kiss. And that pissed her and the other two guys off even more. I don't know why I found it funny.

During that ordeal the butcher had tried to call me, my meat was ready to be picked up which meant I had lost my chance to go buy DS games. So I get lost like I always do. All the streets leading from one roundabout to the other look the same to me.

So the butcher is right next to this all-time cool supermarket. And I don't know what the hell was up but they were out of so many things. After I finished my shopping and popped back to the butcher, I asked him what the deal was, but I didn't get a straight answer. It's getting really bad, it's as if we're going to through the sanctions all over again.

So then I was off to Al-Lami's which was on the way back, to get some fast food and some more shopping done. This guy's stock doesn't rely so much on specially imported stuff and therefore there wasn't much room for disappointement. I also got a chicken shawerma sandwich for me and a cheeseburger for Od. Since he's on my way back home, I thought I might as well have a bit with him. His family like mine isn't here, but he doesn't have a Nahida.

He told me that his girlfriend's parents who lives directly accross the alley from him won't let her go to her uni since it's become a shiite only uni. Later this evening I spoke to some guy who goes to the same uni, he tells me it's just a rumour and that his friend 'Omar', a very recognizable Sunni name, came to uni with him.

Well it seems to me everyone's getting way too paranoid. I mean I know shit's going down, things blowing up everywhere, scores are getting settled so on and so on. But the fear is seriously getting chronic and contaigous. The people have got to make more of an effort to lead a normal life. What really takes the biscuit was seeing a 10 year old kid walking back from school by himself. 10 year old kids are going to school for crying out loud and those schools get hit too, but they're going. But grownup university students oh noooo too scary for them.

Anyway got home, dropped the shopping off and went to see my internet man. Oh I don't want to think about that now. Long story short, I thought I had a weak signal which was my ping is so crap. Well after buying a 3 meter pipe and to replace the piece of wood I've been using as a mast for my grid and spending hours adjusting it, I realise that I had misunderstood the way the signal was measured and that I had in fact had a good signal.

But before I got the pipe, I did go see the doctor and was made aware of my own little hysteria. I don't have lyme's disease, I'm fine. The doc gave me some antibiotics and some antibiotic cream, he said if the thing on my leg don't go away in a week I should go back to him. To be honest I can barely tell it's there now.

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