Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blessed By My Ignorance?

Just spoke to India he's feeling a little better. He had caught the flu from me but it got in a much worse way. K called him from abroad yesterday and told him to tell me: "Kouss ughtek" (Your sister's pussy). I guess he didn't like my last post. K's a lot more knowledgeable about Iraqi politics than I am, so he's got the right. I should put a disclaimer in regards to anything political I post.

But it has been few days that I've been coming to terms that I have no grasp of what's going on in this country. I don't know who the players in the government are, what they're doing or their backgrounds. I don't know what's going on on the ground. I know I can't always call my classmates cowards for not showing up at college and so when I'm the only one in the class that shows up I do get the suspicion that everyone else is living in a much more dangerous Baghdad than I am. And when I do see some of them I overhear them talking about the wildest things, things that I can't say I've been a witness to. I must have the most boring life out of all the people that live in Baghdad.

Oh yes, this is so cool! I've finally got a wireless router installed in my house. I can now sit on my upstairs balcony (which is actually part of Nahida's part of the house) and type in my blog under the watchful gaze of the night stars and the noise of those annoying Americans. but seriously these jet fighters can be really annoying. A week ago I noticed that it takes a lot of time for the sound of a jet fighter because of the delay between seeing a jet fighter fly overhead and hearing it. Now I'm breaking my neck trying to spot the pain in the ass. I swear it's one plane just going round and round in circles. I've thought about writing big messages on the my roof like Keep Quiet!

Kala's got another death in the family. A stray bullet from the sky landed on his aunt when she was sitting outside in the 'Hunter's Club'. And that's what happens when people shoot into the air something that the armed forces that vagrantly continue to do so remain oblivious to. Every single one of those idiots that shoots in the air should be trialled for endangering the public.

I saw Od yesterday he had the exact same flu as me as a result of the last weekend's curfew. We had gone through the same stages at the same time throughout our bout. We were even caughing up phlegm together after we ate the chicken shawerma sandwiches I had brought with me to his house. We joked about how cute one of the little girls that lived next door was. The joke being that the good looking women are so few and far between that we've resorted to eyeing girls with bodies that have just barely begun to mature.

And just as a note, I've got no idea why saying "your sister's pussy" is a dis which has the same effect as saying "Fuck You". I think it might be a contracted way of wishing a dick goes into your sister's pussy. Arabic cursing is something special but unfortunately most of it is very hard to translate. It deserves a lot of praise but since I'm not fluent in it I can't have the honour to do it justice.

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