Sunday, November 12, 2006

Classes Start

Walking into uni, I was quite surprised to see the place busy with people. I headed straight over to my department. I was trying to decipher my schedule posted on the bulletin board when from the corner of my a familiar voice called out my name. Turned around and stared at the face, time nearly stood still, and the question sprinted across my mind: who the hell is this?! After some very slow nanoseconds an answer came: the girl's in my class. What's her name?... the answer didn't come and real time rushed back. And so the rest of the day was spent acknowledging to myself that I can't remember the names of the people I was speaking to.

She figured out where our class was. We peeked into the classroom and saw just the teacher sitting there on his own. The seats were covered in dust so he called the cleaning lady to come and wipe our chairs. After that was dealt with we took our seats and the teacher got all earnest and began the lesson. There was nothing for me and Zina (I heard the teacher call her by her name) to do but to start taking notes. Half way through the class two other girls appeared.

That class isn't going to be too much trouble since it's all maths. But the one that came after it was terrible. The handout that we had to buy for the class was a photocopied textbook. And when the teacher spoke, I couldn't make out half of what was being said. The man would rant on in a loud voice even though we were only 4 students and the echo in the classroom blurred the sound of his words. And for some reason he couldn't understand what I was saying. I think it requires some time for some people to adjust to my awful Arabic.

Third class was okay, we were three students this time Zina, Dudu (the one other person from my old section to show up) and Me, I'm familiar with the teacher he taught Risk Management last year. It's going to be difficult, but the format looks alot like what we had last year with him. He'd give us a list of the questions that would come in the exams. Just memorize the underlined stuff and Bob's your uncle.

I chatted to a girl today that Enie from my class had a short lived thing with last year. The poor girl's got a bad reputation, easy to get if you're outgoing. I'll try taking her out or at least get her phone number next time. Unlike all the other girls I know in college, last year she told me she wouldn't mind going off the campus. She's hoping to transfer to another uni so I better not waste my chances. And if she does get to switch that would be ideal after I get her number, that would be ideal.

On the way back, the cab driver didn't have enough change to give back to me, so I let him off. But I'm beginning to realise I need to start taking it easy on my charity. It wouldn't of been too much trouble to of walked into a shop to get the right change to give him.

I got home, had lunch and took a long nap. I'm supposed to read the first chapter of two of the books I've got, but I need to go buy a new dictionary since I left mine in the UK. Since we've started classes so late, we're now expected to read the material on our own. It takes me ten times the time to read Arabic than it would the others. What a drag. Well there's nothing to do now but play Metroid and call up some classmates to encourage them to come to class tomorrow.

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