Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Finished The Poem

Yes I'm done, I've finally finished that dreaded poem. I haven't had the teacher correct it yet but here is what it translates to...

I walk forwards
You walk backwards
Sooner or later we'll find each other

Your hands covered in blood
My hands covered in sweat
Sooner or later we'll face each other

And in that slow moment
Paralysed by your terror
Sooner or later you'll kill me.
It looks alot smaller typed. I did steal the idea for the first stanza from a Radiohead song but it still took me all day to come up with. It is fairly depressing I have to admit. Next time I'll have to make sure I do something romantic instead.


tmpname said...

Well done, but wouldn't it make more sense if it was "I walk backwards / you walk forwards"?

Oh, and I'd be really curious about what you think about the recent level of violence. Probably because you don't seem to be very political, that would make it so much more interesting to read about how you look at it.
I mean, Nahida's flower pot incident, for example. What kind of situation is that when you get pissed off about shrapnel breaking the pot and not about a car bomb blowing up in the first place? Is it so much of an everyday event?

Shaggy said...

The forward walk is supposed to represent an optimistic let's all live happily together, You walk backwards is supposed to represent an uncompromising commitment to utilizing barbaric means to achieve one's goals.

But since I ripped that first stanza off a Radiohead song, maybe you should bring up the matter with them.

The recent level of violence is worrisome and it's such a shame that people are dying and even more of a shame if it fuels a greater desire for revenge leading to more deaths.

I do get the impression is somewhat controlled and I've recently been buying into this conspiracy that the 'forces that be' could halt all violence in a day if they wish so, in the same fashion that the fuel crisis was ended. I'm a simpleton in a big way :)

Car bombs and road side bombs have become a regular nuisance that startle people, block roads up, and cause damage to the road. And sometimes people die too.

But so far nobody I know personally has been killed by a car bomb or the sort. I've just got one friend that got his fill of shrapnel, ear drum damage, and a bad experience at an Iraqi hospital.

All the people that I know that have been killed were targeted and shot while driving in their cars.

When you leave the house you don't worry too much about the car bombs and the road side bombs, it's the fear of being kidnapped, then tortured and eventually killed that gets to you.

But I guess what it comes down to and I think I've mentioned this before is that banging your thumb with a hammer is far more painful than fifty million people dying on the other side of the earth.

So in light of that it does make sense to me that a broken flower pot is more significant than a car bomb simply because it's closer to home.