Friday, January 12, 2007

Chronic Procastination

Friday evening. What to do? I'm awfully lazy these days. I can't be troubled to get any studying done. I'm not even in the mood of mucking about with the guitar. I think I want to crawl into bed and spend the rest of the evening day dreaming. Which isn't a bad idea since I did go to sleep late and woke up early to pick up my grandma with my aunt.

My grandma is sick, she's having trouble breathing, her back aches and she's limping. It seems doctors have stopped making house calls because of the security situation. And since today is Friday, there's a traffic ban most of the day on Fridays, most doctors don't go to their clinics or their hospitals. So tomorrow morning I'll pick my aunt and my grandma who is spending the night at her place tonight to take her to a doctor.

I've lost track of all the pseudo names I've been using for my friends. Trying to find if I've already made one up for someone. So I'm now quickly going through all of my posts starting from the beginning to make a list of all the pseudo names I've been using. In one case I've used more than one pseudo name for the same person.

Okay I've gone through all of the posts and I'm exhausted now.


Sang J. Moon said...

How bad is the scarcity of doctors? I hear anecdotes saying that they are targets of kidnapping and ransom, so they are all moving out of Iraq. I hear that there are no OB/GYNs for the baby boom that seems to be occurring in Iraq. I hear that people who aren't even doctors nor nurses are running hospitals and are lacking even the basic supplies. Are these accurate overall or just reflection of the worst areas like Haditha?

snafoo said...

Yeah... Procrastination... I'm all too familiar with that.
I just came across this research on the topic.

I hope all goes well for your Grandma.
I've heard about the medical situation in Iraq, too. Lack of medicine and of course doctors leaving the country, especially the experienced ones. I imagine the ones remaining are very busy nowadays, but also that those are the ones who really care about their patients. It must be very frustrating for them if they can't help not because of the injury, but because some trivial standard medication is missing.

Anonymous said...

Do you really live in Baghdad? Is the way you act the way to survive? Have you never thought about leaving, and if not, how comes? Hmmmm, I don't understand.

Shaggy said...

The more I delay replying to that last question the harder it's going to get to answer it.