Thursday, January 11, 2007

Got A New Phone

Just had a shower, something that's rather rare these days. Since the weather is cold there's not much need to wash away accumulated salt deposits on one's skin as a result of perpetuating sweat. I've also become lazy in regards to taking showers. But now that I've only been getting one hour of electricity a day to work the water heater and that's making it much harder to get that shower.

So I got my new phone. It's a Sony Ericsson W810i, it looks and feels nice, surprisingly light too. The interface isn't slow like on a lot of Nokias I've tried. I think the guy who sold it to me pulled a sly one on me and gave me a fake battery and headphones with it. I went back to him and he insisted that they were the originals. Before going back to him I thought one side of the earphones wasn't working too, but when I went to his shop they started working again and at that point I gave up trying to get the whole thing replaced. He suggested that I was anxious and that was the reason for my thinking that they're fake. Well in any case I'm happy to have it now. Oh and it does have a really good flashlight.

The only problem I have with it so far are the ringtones: they're not loud enough. But so far nobody's called me. Except Nahida from upstairs and there was one phone call from abroad that I didn't make it in time to pick it up and whose number was withheld, it might of been India whose number I lost.

I was sure that I read the Wikipedia article about the phone before I bought it. After I bought it I realise it says there that there's a hissing noise when it plays mp3s and that people have managed to change the internal software to fix the problem. So I spent all of last night going through forums trying to understand how to change the firmware and the drivers in the phone, and it's all very confusing since most of the talk isn't restricted to the one type of phone I have. The risk of playing with the firmware is that it might turn the phone into 'an expensive paperweight'. But it doesn't seem like I'll be trying to attempt to do so any time soon since the only website that provides the firmwares is under maintenance and I'm still wondering if they by any chance have the Middle-East version. The other problem I'm facing and the one that takes the mickey is that the process takes several hours and I can't be certain that my generator won't break down while I'm at it.

I went to college on Monday this week. Nahida woke me up a bit late on Tuesday, it was too cold to get out of bed and I figured that I won't make it in time to go before rush hour so I decided to stay in. That day the Haifa St. operation went down and I was glad that I had stayed home because I'm sure it would've made getting back home a very long trip since most of the roads were blocked off as a result. And since that shit happened on Tuesday, I thought that the same could go on the next day so I stayed home Wednesday too.

Well anyway, on Monday the one day that I did go to college, while I was waiting in the corridor for a lecture that wasn't going to happen there was a frustrated girl staring at the closed door of another room. I asked her if she had left her books inside. She nodded and then asked me if I had lived abroad, surprised I answered yes and asked her how the did she notice so fast. She explained that she had come to that assumption a while ago and then went on to tell me that she had lived in the UK for a couple years herself but when she was a baby and showed me a collection of family pictures. I had nobody else to hang out with that day so when she invited me to come downstairs with her, I went along. She introduced me to a couple of her classmates and we walked all together. She then led herself and I away from the pack to talk chat on our own some more. We sat on a bench for a short while until I spotted the lecturer on his way to give my class a lesson and she was about to get picked up.

Now I wish I could remember her name, but she couldn't remember the names of her classmates either which is really cool. She's not hot unfortunately, she's on the chubby side, but she has a face that reminds me of a cute girl I knew. When she told me that her dad had died during the Iran-Iraq war, I began asking myself if there's something about me that attracts girls with deceased fathers to me. Well after hearing her life story and it all, I don't think I share much with her and she doesn't strike me as someone especially interesting. But since she's forgetful with names she might be more like-minded than other girls.

Maybe I'm setting myself up for defeat already. I don't want the same thing I had going with Suzy to happen with this girl again. The whole time I spent with her, I was debating with myself if the girl's worth a shot and how much she resembled that other girl I knew. Looking back at my stoner days there were a few girls with whom I think I had a chance but didn't take. I did take the decision in light of those stoner days a long time ago to give things a shot regardless of whatever lame excuse I came up with. But having a relationship here is so messed up since it's practically impossible to have some personal time to spend together. And I know that I can't be able to be so emotional as nearly any girl expects me to be.

I got her Yahoo ID because I insisted on exchanging them even after she told me that she doesn't have a PC at home, and the ID doesn't make reference to her name and so still no clue on her name. Well I wasn't going to ask her her phone number because I knew that I would lose it since I didn't have a phone on me. Oh dear, I've spent a whole lot of time thinking about this. I'll get her phone number and see what happens from there and will have to try not to repeat the same mistakes I made with Suzy.

I went to take a leak and saw that the national electricity was on. I thought I heard a beep from upstairs a while ago, I thought that Nahida would tell me to go turn off the generator but she didn't and it slipped my mind. I wonder what that beep is in the first place. Oh it's the microwave. Anyway so now that I've switched to the national grid it's probably going to switch off any minute now. Oh but wait let's see, the last time it came it was 5:15 PM (odd since it wasn't on the hour) and cut-off at 6:15 PM, and now it's 11:00 PM, so if it came at around 10:15 PM (a quarter past just like it did last time), it should go off in 15 minutes. So if this new schedule sticks, we should be getting one hour of electricity for every five hours of no electricity.

Still waiting for it to cut-off... it just did at 11:35 PM, maybe it came later than 10:15 PM. It's messed up today.

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