Monday, January 15, 2007

Tad Late

Write a post or practise guitar exercises (something I haven't been doing enough of)? Write post first.

Saturday: Nahida and I picked up my aunt and grandma and took them to my dad's friend who owns the crummiest excuse for a hospital. The benefit of which was that should the need ever occur we'd have established a relationship so that we could if there need be in the future have one of his doctors come to and visit my grandma at her place which is very close to the hospital. Grandma turned out to not have anything serious we even had her take an x-ray just to make sure. We then dropped her off at her place.

My aunt wanted us to leave herself there and then come back and pick her up again. I had prior plans to have lunch with Od and Naffer and Nahida wanted to get back home too for what reason I forgot. The idea of coming back to my grandma's which is a long drive away was a bit inconsiderate. So my aunt didn't stay at my grandma's and came along with us. And to further assert that I wasn't her driver, after we had picked up the electric generator from the repair shop, Nahida came up with an extra chore that involved driving about near the green zone looking for a house. Driving around near the green zone is something anybody would rather avoid. We even came up with another little extra detour just before getting home too.

Unfortunately lunch with Od and Naffer didn't happen because Od got busy repairing his car near his home and Naffer thought that since Od was in the middle of getting his car repaired we wouldn't make it in time to get home safely. I was really looking forward to having lunch with the two since I don't often get the chance to meet up with them and they're the last two old school friends I have left here. Later that night I had a fit at Nahida who in effect controls my life since I'm not responsible enough for myself in my father's eyes (which is a fair judgement). I told her that I wanted to go to Amman for a week and see my friends. I was regretting not having gone with India to Amman as he had suggested. My idea was that if I'd have that little vacation I might be able to break out of this bad run of procrastination (which is pissing me off) before my mid-year exams start. I then also suggested to her a cheaper option of giving me money to get a couple of expensive prostitutes. She ended up giving me an empty promise of getting me some whiskey the next day.

Sunday: I had an economics test for which I didn't study. Before the test I revised some stuff that I had studied maybe over five years ago. Luckily for me there were two questions in the test and that was one of them. On the other hand, I had no idea what the answer to the other question was about and all that it involved was writing down four memorized lines. The teacher had dictated the questions to us and I couldn't keep up with him so I asked for him to repeat them to me after I wrote down the one answer I knew. He firmly placed his handwritten questions along with another a paper underneath on my desk. I struggled to make sense of his handwriting and I didn't really bother copying the questions down but rather just checked that I answered every part of the one question. I was sitting in the front row so when I was finished with it I slipped it back on his desk. The teacher then comes back to me and asks if he I looked at the paper underneath which I didn't. I shook my head and with a blank face said no. He then tells me out loud that the answers were on that paper and I'm not sure because I don't understand Arabic sarcasm very well but I think he then suggested that I was stupid not to have taken a look.

Later that day, the human resource teacher showed up to tell us some new handouts were at the photocopy centre for us to pick up. She also told me that I was the only one that failed last week's test and that I should do tomorrow's re-test with the rest of the class that didn't show up that day. She also told my classmates that they should help me out and do study sleepovers. So after uni a Dudu, Jumbo and me got some take-away burgers and went to Dudu's to study. Jumbo who hadn't been showing up for the past few weeks neither wasn't interested in studying, but Dudu did a great job explaing to me and helped me memorize the first page and a half of the nine page handout for tomorrow's test. Then we had some tea and Dudu got Jumbo to teach him some weight lifting exercises. Soon enough it was nearly four in the afternoon and we had to get on our way home. I got Dudu to give to fill up my empty can of Coke with some Arak, that today I realised made me drive rather recklessly on my way back home. I think I can handle some drinking and driving fine, but I'm now coming to the conclusion that I should draw the line at Arak no matter how small the quantity.

On the main road near my house ahead of me, I saw a bunch of cars waiting for two police trucks to turn around and drive off. When I got to the point where the police cars were there was a car that had seemed to have crashed from the front end and had a splat of blood splattered across the wind shield. It was hard for me to tell if it was a car accident or something else. I was just surprised at how the splat was centred in the middle of the wind shield.

When I got home I had a fit with Nahida again for pressuring me with phone calls to come back home early at the expense of having some more material explained to me by Dudu. She said that something happened and then told me that a relative of mine's husband got kidnapped. What she didn't know that was that I knew that that person got kidnapped over a week ago and thus had an extra reason to have a fit at her for lying to me. And I didn't mention the car that I saw in the street, because I don't want to give her more reason to get anxious for my sake, even though I was curious to have her find out what it was about.

Later in the evening, Suzy spent an hour with me explaining me some of the rest of the material for the test.

Today: Five minutes after leaving my home my car broke down on my to college. I was hoping to make it to college early so that Suzy could go over the material with me. I wasted over half an hour in the street with an engine that would not start.

I had Nahida come over because I couldn't just leave the car unattended because people would then think that it's a car bomb. When Nahida came to me, we called up her brother. And it was then that I figured what that the piece of hardware called the 'Katef' that regulates the fuel pump in the car was the problem since I had a new installed just a week or two ago. It's a recurring problem with my car since according to Nahida's brother is a hard piece to find for my specific car and we're having to make do with that of a similar model. So I got out the little plug with which I can replace the 'Katef' that I was given if I should it ever stop working, plugged it in and it worked.

Got lucky again and the stuff that Dudu explained to me on the first page was one of the two questions on the test. I also didn't know the answer to the other question but I copied some of the answer from Suzy who was sitting next to me and was urging me to take a look at her paper. The other question was one of things that Suzy had explained to me the night before over the phone but that I still didn't quite understand and didn't bother memorizing after hanging up.

Last night I had begun researching on the net about how to flirt using Bluetooth enabled phones. I even scoured and collected a bunch of romantic pictures to send. So I was really looking forward to try it out today. Yeah well, it didn't work out since apparently the whole craze is over already or so I'm told (maybe even a year or two ago). I did think it was odd when browsing last night that the couple of forums I visited hadn't had a new post since 2004. It was still weird today, yesterday loads of phones showed up when I searched for Bluetooth devices, but today I could only find two or three at a time. I'll give it another try tomorrow, we've planned to ditch our classes to not have another test. And so I'll be able to try out the cafeteria which I'm told is the best place to try flirting with Bluetooth.

I did bump into that name-less girl I mentioned in the post before last today. I just had a couple of minutes with her. As I came to say hi to her she brought out her hand for a handshake, which is weird. I don't like handshaking much for one, and there's a girl in my class for example that thinks it's indecent to even shake hands with a guy. But in general a girl leading a handshake is pretty awkward. Her friend who was standing by her then left us alone. She was acting anxious and I asked her if she was waiting for someone, she said that she had to get some notes from somebody and excused herself. After seeing her and not getting neither her name or phone number, I wondered to myself why I spent so much effort thinking about her in that previous post. Now I'm thinking that it wasn't so much her that pre-occupied me but the prospect of meeting someone new and on how to deal with the situation.

Now I've got to try downloading the latest episode of Bleach, something I've been having trouble for no reason obvious to me.

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