Thursday, January 04, 2007


It's been another wasted day today. Got pretty much nothing done except fuelled my car and got ripped for a coupled of dollars by the guy at the pump. In case you're wondering why I keep re-fuelling my car, it's because I use the fuel to run my generator.

So just now I was sitting on my couch facing the tellie and it occurred to me that it's been a while since I've last jerked off (maybe a day or two at the most). So I dig out the unencrypted hardcore porn channel that runs little clips in ads to join to get all 18 channels! God knows why one would need all 18 channels, when just 15 minutes of porn would do the job.

And as usual I turn to the channel to find a rather hot chick sucking dick and within a minute it switches to the ads. And the ads aren't any good. So I flip through some more channels till the ads finish. There are loads of channels advertising sex hot lines. And what might seem surprising is that most of them are targeted at Arabs. Oh and just so you know it's a European satellite that I'm switched to because the Arab ones wouldn't have any of that.

Anyway so I switch back to the free hardcore channel and there's a rather okay girl with her knickers off and she's feeling herself up. I'm thinking to myself that this is good. I grab the box of tissues sit in the corner so that nobody can see without me sensing their approach first. I unzip my pants, pull my dick and just after a few seconds of warming up, three guys and their weeners walk into the frame. My dick shrivels back in and I zip up my pants, turn off the tellie and sit back on my couch.

India left to Amman today. He's off to do some training course in Germany. He had the airport cab pick him up from my house since his house (which is closer to the airport than mine) was in a neighbourhood too dangerous for the driver. The funny part was when Nahida woke me up in the morning and told me that his family was coming along with him to my house. I freaked out because I knew I had left the living room a mess before going to sleep and when I walked into it, it reeked of cigarettes. But Nahida was on top of things and I quickly had no reason to freak out besides that it's the first time ever in the 12 years that this house has been mine that one of my friend's family comes over.

And that's one more friend of mine, one of my closest ones, that's gone. And it's dawning on me that I need new friends. This is such a pathetic predicament.


Konfused Kid said...

"I need some new friends..."

I asked ya then, but now it's too late...I am in Jordan 2.

Keep on jerkin' off. That's what great blogs r made of!

Seriously, you're great - i added you to my blogroll.

Sang J. Moon said...

Uh. Too much information.

Shaggy said...

Thanks Konfused Kid,

I was actually thinking of looking you up a week ago. And then I took a look at your blog and found out that you were in Jordan. Well good luck with whatever you're hoping to achieve.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I noticed that this is the first time that you replied to commentors. Proves your point of needing new friends. Keep working on it man.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have all left the country..isnt it time you left too?
Dude you really need friends now! I remember the time when we were all stuck in Baghdad and were that things have changed and you are in Baghdad alone when even Homer and Kafushi have left!
However I do think that Baghdad has done you well lately! hehe
I didnt know about you have his number by the way?Just email it to me please