Friday, January 26, 2007

Iraqis Have Trouble Distinguishing Ps and Bs

The weather has become much warmer since Thursday. Good thing. Some time during the past week a petrol crisis began again. Bad thing. I haven't electricity since yesterday morning. Bad thing number two. But there is a bright side to not having electricity and no petrol to run the generator: I'm getting time to practise my guitar exercises.

Not much I want to vent out today. I spent last night complaining to Nahida that I need to get myself a couple of whores. She's generally against the idea but I went on and on anyway.

I've had tests everyday of the past week. So far I've failed one and passed another from the week before. I've got another test on Sunday. Everyday of last week I went to Dudu's house to study. One time I came back at around six in the evening, when I got home Nahida and her brother had a quick rant at me of how dangerous it is to be out so late.

Yesterday I spent some time with that girl I mentioned a couple posts ago. This time we exchanged numbers and I got her name by asking what to add her as to my phone's contact list. She wasn't reminding me of some pretty girl this time, this time I was focused oh some stubble above her lip and her chubby fingers. Last night 'Rea' sent me a SMS message saying: "Good night, my pest freand.". Now why the hell did I ask for her number?

There's this other girl at college that I've had my eye on for a month, and I've been making a lot of eye contact with her. On Wednesday, she was standing on her own and I kept walking towards and away from her too shy to go up to her to say something. So when I got home I decided that the next time I see her I'll go ahead with it, I even had an idea of what to say after talking to a couple of friends. What those ideas were, I can't remember now. One thing I have decided is that I'll be aiming just to making a new friend.

A bunch of things are bothering me about myself of late, and it's really hard to confront myself about them. Things like not being able to pick up on my own emotions and those of others and failing to act in the moment.

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