Monday, February 19, 2007

Improved Blogger I Am

The punks at Google have forced me to switch to the new Blogger early than I was planning. Well it's done now and even though it only took a couple of minutes to do. I wanted to wait till I was ready to post my 250th post. This one is number 245 but one or two might have been left as drafts. That's a lot of posts I'd say. Most of them long winded and some of them short and sweet. I've got maybe one last sip of whiskey left and on the occasion of my 245th post (minus one or two) I raise my glass and take that last sip... I'm out of booze now. Life couldn't get much worse.

Maybe it's time for me to change the layout of my blog. I can't be bothered to make a custom one of my own, it's too difficult for me. Maybe I'll find a new layout to replace the one I'm using now. Crap just dropped the can of sunflower seeds.

I'm getting stopped at checkpoints way too many times these days. There's one checkpoint that seems to have the impulse to check me out at least once a day and sometimes twice. Most of the time they want to check what's in the boot. Sometimes they check if my car is mine. At another nearby checkpoint, one of them asked me what my iPod was. People usually assume it's a mobile phone. Maybe they're looking out for a black killer car like mine... or maybe I just look like a terrorist in my own country.

I love my car. It imposes itself on the road. On the outside it's beaten up, it's scratched and the rear-right door is dented. One end of the front bumper is hangin off. There's a couple of badly covered bullet holes too. Sadly it's in dire need of repair right now. It needs so much repair. Most of which I thought would be carried out during my summer in the UK, but didn't. The acceleration in the car is awful right now, and I can't drive faster than 90 Km/h because the damn wheels need to be balanced. Last week I saw a couple bullet-proof versions of my car, they were so sweet. I wish I had one of those.

So I'm drinking and I've got another midyear exam tomorrow. Well screw 'em. I've had it up to here with these damn tests. Today I got so angry, boiling blood sort of angry, when I read through the questions of today's test. The teacher of the class had lectured three times since the beginning of the year, two of which I wasn't present for. He had given us one handout and highlighted specific lines for us to study (memorize). And I memorized them really well before the exam. The crap I memorized didn't provide the answer to any of the questions.

And that's why I'm in such a bad mood. Tomorrow's test is no better. The teacher of tomorrow's test has given us three handouts with a hundred lines lines to memorize by the word. Nahida tells me not to worry because she's spoken to someone that works at the university and that person tells her that there's an agreement to pass us anyway. Right now I'm waiting to see what my marks will be, because I'm considering just giving up on this year. It's too much of a hassle if things stay this way. I could maybe find some other way to waste the year away.

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