Friday, February 02, 2007

Sober Tonight

I'm posting sober tonight! I'm not suffering from alcohol withdrawal ever since I switched to Teacher's whiskey. I'm going to stay away from Grant's from now on.

On Thursday I went to college to get some missing handouts and I'm now on a preparation holiday for the mid-year exams that are coming up in two weeks. I haven't started studying yet. My morale is really low this year. I've decided I'll start studying on Sunday. But I think that's the day Nahida's decided to take me to get a new passport.

The government and everyone else has made a big fuss about the issuance of new passports. Whatever the fuss is, my passport expired three days ago. I've got the 'M' series passport and it's already been renewed twice. So I've got no qualms about getting a new one, just as long as the government finally settles on moving forward with this new one. During the past few years I think there have been three or four different designs, each of which have different levels of eligibility from foreign countries. For example, some embassies don't grant visas to people with such a series of passport.

I've been watching lots of films these days. Miz had given me a couple ('Kicking And Screaming' as well as 'Friends With Money') when he gave me his portable hard disk. Kicking And Screaming was watchable, it wasn't exciting to watch and I don't have the sense of humour required for the genre so it ended up being a bland film for me. Friends With Money was all right and it had a nice ending. I like the idea of a snapshot of people's lives developing and intertwining.

I also uncovered a bunch of films on my own hard disk which I had downloaded for India and had never bothered to watch and had eventually forgotten about. Some of which I finally decided to delete. He got me to download some seriously unbearably sick stuff. Which I think he's yet to watch himself to this day. He's got a penchant for just collecting things that to me is just weird.

But there were some films that didn't seem so bad. So I watched 'A Dirty Shame' yesterday, sure enough it was weird, but how I wish what took place in that film could happen here. Today I saw Fat Girl, it was a French film which in French I think was called A Ma Soeur. I really liked the pace with which the story unfolded and the ending made it so very worth watching. With the few plot twists throughout the film it gives you a chance to appreciate the main character and makes sense of what would otherwise would be a twisted ending.

Before I start studying I've decided to tidy up my stuff around the house. Which involves bringing more stuff from downstairs back downstairs. It's all part of a procrastinating plan to delay studying for my upcoming mid-year exams which are ten days away. But it's crazy, I've even got a procrastinating scheme to delay tidying my stuff up. I've been planning on paper how to tidy up my stuff. Three days I've spent 'planning on paper' and I'm not done yet.

I'm thinking of pouring myself a drink now. Just one before I go to sleep. I swear I'm not suffering from alcohol withdrawal. I haven't had a drink since my last post.


Anonymous said...

Printed out your last few posts to save and read with my Sunday morning paper

and I just realized I made a typo with this post's heading:

"Sobser Tonight"

-- Tilli (Mojave Desert

Anonymous said...

lek baba inta sheno??? you ooze laziness, your freakin post made me sleepy!

you said sometime ago that you had no feelings so i guess its safe to say this..
man you are a FREAK!

snafoo said...

Anonymous, what an unnecessary comment. Apparently you read this blog regularly, otherwise you couldn't reference past posts. Why do you bother if it's so boring? And, do you have a habit of calling somebody a freak, even when you aren't anonymous? Do you walk up on random people on the street and tell them you don't like their shirts? Who asked you to be the judge?
If you look through your spam folder, maybe you'll find a solution to your problem.

Shaggy said...

Chill Snafoo :), I think that's my friend Kiki. You don't have to be so harsh on him. He's a certified dumbass but a friend never the less.

snafoo said...

Ah, alright. Sorry Kiki, I guess if that's the name Shaggy gave you you're entitled to call him anything you like. :)

I had just gotten up and needed to either pick on somebody or make coffee...

Shaggy said...

I just spoke to Kiki, it wasn't him. He didn't even know that he could leave comments (the dumbass). So it's probably my old neighbour, otherwise I've got no bleeding clue.

And for a bad word for word translation of 'lek baba inta sheno??': 'Yo daddy what are you???'