Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One Side To Chew On

Today I finally saw a dentist to fix the broken filling I've had since May of last year. And she's really good too, she didn't hurt me at all. I've got a temporary filling now that I can't stop playing with with my tongue. I'm not supposed to chew on it till tomorrow. But how in the world am I not? I eventually did while I was eating sunflower seeds. Of the one hundred sunflower seeds eaten I had to chew one on the wrong side.

The dentist also taught me how to brush my teeth. I've been brushing my teeth with horizontal movements while according to her I'm supposed to do so with vertical movements. Now I can't remember when my next appointment is, I hope Nahida does. I just know it's next week Thursday.

Filled the car with petrol today before seeing the dentist too. Just after Nahida and I got into the queue her brother called and told us to meet him at the beginning of the queue. And so we ended up cutting the queue thanks to her brother who had already been waiting in the queue before us and let us get in ahead of him. I'm still feeling a bit guilty about that. But in my defence I never buy petrol from the black market. A long while back, every time I put black market petrol in my car it screwed up the fuel injection system, but I'm told it's not so bad any more. And while we were at the dentist, I finally had the wheels balanced so that the silly car won't wobble at 90 km/hour.

My internet service hasn't been working well for the past week and a half. Last night it stopped working completely. I got my internet provider to check it out today. It turns out my SMC wireless access point isn't working any more. The stupid piece of crap. The internet provider guy was nice enough to lend me one of his until I get a new one. He also left me a portable USB hard disk of his to copy all the films and music I've got on my computer to.

The guy's hard disk is infested with viruses. I started to get virus alerts on my laptop. And I inadvertently began to delete a few of my files instead of repairing them. Realising that the viruses weren't going to stop coming, I decided to ditch the people I were chatting to to do a boot scan of my hard disk and his. Mine took a while, but his seemed like it was going to take several hours so I didn't bother finishing scanning his.

Other inadvertent thing I did today. After the internet provider guy came over, Nahida's other brother came downstairs and brought up Nahida's paranoia about having a stranger (the internet provider guy) in the house. And I said jokingly, "We've let you in the house haven't we?". In hindsight I can't make much sense of why I said that. Well anyway Nahida later told me that it upsetted him a lot since he feels that he's imposing his stay on us.

He's one of those people that have become 'internally displaced'. His wife and kids are staying with his wife's family and he's been staying with us every other night ever since. I enjoy having him over, and I didn't mean to hurt his feelings. Nahida's told me I've got to call him tomorrow morning to say I'm sorry. I wish she told me as soon as he began to trip out. So that's it... first thing to do tomorrow is deal with someone's sensitivity issue.


fartman said...

What's happening Shag Bag! I Googled Shaggy, and sure enough I found you blogging away. I was concerned about the bomb at the University and wanted to hear that you are okay. Your blog is so descriptive that it is captivating. I believe your honesty and lack of bravado in your writing is the key ingredient that makes it work. How is your Shark watch holding up? I hope you haven't gone back to that piece of crap you were wearing before the Shark. Your probably having a hard time determining who I am...I'll give you a hint. I helped you catch and release an owl that had been rehabilating from a wing injury.

Shaggy said...

Hey Fartman... It's great to hear from you. And as much as you tried to get it to go around, nobody else calls me Shag Bag. The Shark's doing fine, it's indestructible. As for my piece of crap, it's collecting dust now. But I can't lie I held onto that piece of crap till its dying breath.