Friday, February 23, 2007

Od's Been Taken

Nawf who left to Qatar or Bahrain a week ago sent me a SMS message around one in the morning today. Which I just read when I was awoken by my alarm at five in the morning. It said that Od and his were taken from his home by police commandos yesterday around four in the afternoon and asked me to try to find him. Nawf and Od are best friends.

Od is the last of my high school friends that I see. I don't want to lose him. His mum had arrived just a week ago. He's about to start his exams, he's studying to become a doctor. This is the first time something like this happens to someone close to me. It feels so horrible. I called Nawf and he tells me that he heard it from Talga. Nawf told me that all we can do now is try to talk to someone in the government to release him.

I'm going to go to his house soon and check the story out. After that I'm going to pass by the checkpoint which has been stopping me all week and see if they have anything to say but Nahida thinks that's a bad idea and she'll probably start her sabotage routine.

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