Sunday, April 08, 2007

Born In Baghdad

I'm now born in Baghdad. I went to the ID centre again today. I heard it from the administrator there that I have to change my place of birth because of orders from the council of ministers. So I got it done. In the process I had to sign a paper that described my want to change my place of birth that made reference to a 1999 order from Saddam's revolution council or something like that. The guy who had me sign denied that my having to change my place of birth had anything to do with a new order with from the government and that these orders came from Saddam's while pointing at the the paper I had signed.

At one point I had to hand over my papers to some kid so that he could supposedly hand it over to the big guy to sign, the kid asked me what year I was born and the name of my mum (I goofed up and gave a slightly different name of my mum's) he told me to wait outside. Now what I'm guessing is he's the one that ended up signing in whoever's stead and asked me to piss off so that he can get away with it. I forgot to get them to add my blood type on the thing.

Nahida and I also went to the passport office. According to the police man outside they're closed till the 15th because the main passport centre on the other side of town is too busy and because Nahida tells me that over 40 employees have been nabbed at this passport office and they're gathering a new bunch to take over.

Suzy's pissed off at me because I didn't wish her Happy Easter. I tried calling her and she wouldn't pick up. I don't know if it's something endemic or true everywhere, but girls here often have an urge to pick a fight. I'm pretty sure the guys here do it too. I don't know what the hell is up with that.

And why the hell do I get so sleep in the late afternoon? It's really annoying. Got to walk to the shops and buy some cigs and fruit juice.

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