Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Found Blu Tack

Yes I found it... what has been to me the holy grail of all things sticky: Blu-Tack.

I was a stationary browsing through all the potentially useful things I could find. I found a Staedtler self-adhesive white board thing smaller than an A4 piece of paper that was really cool too. He didn't have a label maker but he did recognize what it was when I was describing it and said that it was old. So as I was paying the guy I noticed an aged pack with "Power-Tack" written on it hanging from the shelf behind him. I asked him what it was whilst pointing at it. He said he didn't know, he handed it to me and I opened it to show him what it was. The shop owner went on about how so many things that he'd pull out from the old American boxes that surprise people.

And now I'm happy because I've got the power of Blu-Tack. Building a new Iraq now seems possible. I'll spread the word about Blu-Tack and give hope to all.

Well so far the only use I've found is sticking my pick to my guitar. I think there's one problem, I think Blu-Tack starts to melt into chewing gum in the heat.

1 comment:

Don Cox said...

Maybe they need to make a special version of Blu-Tak for hot countries.

See the Institute of Blu Tack Art.