Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Having spent nearly a whole week at home it was great to get out today and go to college. I was in a good mood and people were happy to see me with a haircut. And a couple of the girls in the class said I lost weight.

Some guy whose name I don't know told me that there are rumors that Suzy and I are a couple, and I actually paused to brain storm how to respond something that's very rare for me since I'm usually to lazy to think. I denied it and answered we just hang out and so on. Suzy doesn't want the world to know we're going out and that's true for any girl here. What's pissing me off is that she's the one that's made it blatant not me and she'll get pissed off at me if I were to tell her. This could be a good oppurtunity for me to break up with her.

After college I choose to go get some food from Al-Lami's and eat it at Od's place. Od came back a couple of days ago from Syria. He had intened to see his family in Yemen but they didn't give him a visa. So I ordered a couple of meat shawerma's and a chicken burger which I just wanted to taste to see if it's any good. Did some shopping, bought some basterma meat and ice-cream. The chicken burger took ages to make so I chucked everything in the car and went back to wait for the damn burger. I finally get my chicken burger and I'm walking towards my car and in my view a gentle explosion goes off further along the road just ahead of the intersection next to the Baghdad University campus where some minivans park up (opposite neighbour's grandma's home).

I don't think many people died or got injured, it was a small explosion to start off and I only saw one technical and one civilian car driving away with injured people. I had to go through the intersection to get to my house and with all that commotion taking place there I decided to just solemnly eat my shawerma sandwich by the restaurant. I'm not sure how long I waited for them to open up the intersection, eventually I just drove ahead and there was an alley to go around the intersection. By the time I got to Od's the meat and ice-cream had melted. And that chicken burger sucked.

I chatted to an Iraqi girl on-line yesterday and she told me that she the same thing happened to her regarding the change of birthplace when she got a new ID and that she was told it was a Saddam thing. And that she got her ID a year ago I guess makes it more believable than the story that it's a new order from the council of ministers.

Yesterday, Nahida brought me a pan and some eggs so that I could fry myself some eggs for breakfast. I think it's the second time I ever tried to fry eggs because I remember screwing it up once. I pulled it off and made myself fried eggs and I'm so proud of that that I'm telling everybody. Yesterday I bought some chicken breasts and today I've cut a bit of it into strips and I'm going to try cooking that with butter and Tabasco sauce for dinner. I'm finally going to end my daily subsistence of cheese sandwiches.


snafoo said...

You know, as an arrogant Continental European, I'm tempted to connect the amazing ability to screw up frying an egg with your English upbringing -- but I'm not much of a cook myself, so I feel with you...

Don Cox said...

The usual mistake people make when frying is to have the heat up too high. It is very easy to burn things, especially if the pan is thin. (I use a heavy cast iron pan.) Avoid washing the pan with soap or detergent as that will make things stick and burn - try to keep a thin film of oil (preferably olive oil) on the metal at all times.

_____ Slices of bread fried in lots of olive oil are good - when the bread is done, you can put the eggs into the pan. Hot lime pickle goes well with fried bread and eggs, in my opinion.