Monday, April 02, 2007


A mind that farts thoughts that's what I feel I have sometimes. They usually have the same smell too. Regular diet of baked brain beans does that maybe. Tediously boring exhaustion, remember when exhaustion was accompanied by a sensation of achievement. Life made bland by a remarkably unreal situation. The fruit tree drops its fruit and they're not ripe yet. Can't be free all on my own and I'm the crazy one. Water isn't pure but you better believe it is. Don't need TV to numb my head, it's numb enough already. It's getting harder to imagine. A river run dry perhaps. Night comes and curtains are pulled. To keep people from looking inside and to keep me from seeing the moon or a star. I've heard that a mortar or two landed in the neighbourhood. A boredom so spectacular.


Konfused Kid said...

lak walla i don't know what to say, even this fartsy post is a gem habibi, inta akbar gawad in my opinion, but you have the gift, keep it up, one of your bests.

Anonymous said...

What Konfused Kid said.

You are great. and good.

-- Tilli (Mojave Desert)