Saturday, February 11, 2006

And It Starts Again

Bugger, starting to feel a bit lazy. Uni re-starts on Sunday. Everybody else has just started their vacation. Most of the kids plan not to attend class this week.

I didn't get round to moving my stuff downstairs. I did make a to do list though. And that's a big step. It usually helps alot if I write what I want to get done first.

Got some new DS games from Bab Al-Shargi today. We also went to Sana'a street to check out some laptops. We being India, and 3 other guys.

Lots of women on the streets today. Not sure what's up with that.

I'm not really bored. But I really feel dis-interested. Somebody I met on-line told me they think that the reason I don't have a girl-friend is that I'm rude. I want to ask some chicks if they agree. Got to find out what the best translation of rude is in Arabic. But I will admit that I'm awfully rude when I'm chatting on-line.

I'm hungry. I want to go home and get some food. Play a little Mario. And I should go to bed early because I have to go to college tomorrow. Yay!

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