Monday, February 20, 2006

Clumsy And Exhausted

Clumsy and exhausted is how I feel.

They joined together the two sections of our class today. I think it's pretty fun. Everyone else is mockingly making antagnostic remarks at the other section. It's pretty funny.

Unfortunately we got our old schedule, which is a shame cause the their section had a better schedule that starts later.

I haven't seen Suzy since the vacation began. I finally got through to her on the phone a short while ago. I'll try to call her later.

I've seriously got a case of the clumsies this past week. Don't know, but as much as I hate it, it's refreshing for some reason. I nearly had a car accident while I was mucking about with my iPod hadn't Zaif pushed the steering wheel. It would've been my first serious accident.

But I was in tune with my iPod today. That I guess is an exception to my clumsiness.

There are things that I think about while I'm driving in my car that I want to express on my blog, but I keep forgetting them. I guess they weren't that important. That or I've really got to fix my mind-set when I get to the internet cafe.

I spend so much time in traffic, that some great ideas have to emerge.

Time's up. Got to go pick up my cousin and her mum, see if I can take them out for dinner.

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