Sunday, February 12, 2006

It Ain't Ramadhan But It's Similar

The rumbling of an electric generator is a pain. When the electricity comes back and all the generators turn off, I'm often tempted to not turn the tellie on just so I could enjoy the silence.

Getting up this morning for college was really hard. Took me ages to get ready. Half way there the road was blocked so I got out of the cab and got on foot. Took me ages to get there. Didn't attend any classes because half the class wasn't there. Had some lunch with guys from college and went to the computer market to look for a laptop.

India's so lucky to have found such a cheap laptop with such high-specs. I couldn't find any laptops with a hundred gigabyte hard disk. Well it's not big deal yet, since I don't have the cash to buy one. Hopefully by the time I do have some cash some US forces convoy full of laptops would get hi-jacked.

I got a book today. Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, I've now got the chance to live that French childhood that I missed out on all my life. It's a good book so far. Once I'm done with it, I'm really not sure what else I could read. I'm just going to have to go through the kid's book section and hope there's something just as good. French books look awfully dense.

Got back home exhausted, read some of the book and then fell asleep. Woke up and had some chicken with rice for dinner. Feeling a bit queasy right now. Think I need some tea or something. I think I fancy some coffee when I get home.

Not being able to buy booze is something I'm trying not to think about. The liquor shops are closed this lunar month of Muharram. I think we're about half way through it now. It's a Shiite thing, it's the first time they pull this off, and it's not cool. Not really sure what the deal is about Muharram. But as usual there are rules. As far as I know you can't party, marry, or move into a new home.

The liquor guy warned me and I did buy 6 bottles of wine. But I'm seriously regretting not getting any vodka. It's true that I was becoming alcoholic a while ago, and from that perspective I'm glad that I can't buy any booze. Now if only they had a month you can't buy cigarettes.

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Anonymous said...

im planning a secret ten day trip to beirut soon. lets try to coordinate this shit. just me and you.