Thursday, February 09, 2006

Day with Dick

Spent the day with Dick yesterday, I just got rid of him and his girlfriend who had both slept over at my place. Scorched my allowance, drank my booze and made me pay for the worst booze that I ever drank. His girlfriend was supposed to bring me his sister so that I get some action too. But she had a fight with her daddy and so couldn't come. This is the first time I ever have a girl sleep over at my place by the way. Nahida of course wasn't too pleased, but so far she seems quite cool. She did make me say that it would be the last time though.

There are so many issues with having a girl sleep over. I don't like taking risks with people myself, never know what to expect. The first fear being the girl's brother knocking on my door coming up with something like you've had sex with my sister and now you've got to marry her. Or that she's scounting for some place to heist or something. Or maybe she'll turn into some psycho.

Dick gave her a big pack of lies, he's even got a different name when he's with her. But it seems like he goes by two names. Pretty sly if you ask me, and awfully dodgy. Dick is a seriously dodgy guy. He's my classmate, but he's got this story that he's a business man, I'm one of his partners, and that my house was belonged to the company.

So yesterday I had met up with Dick at around 2 PM. We went to Betaween (it's the dodgy neighbourhood near the IZ that I think Fisk is refers to as the place next to the IZ as being unsafe), to get some booze from some hotel. It was a sneaky sneaky deal, because all the booze shops are closed on the occasion of Muharram, and in adherence to the rule of sneaky sneaky deals, we got screwed and paid three times the price for some of the worst whiskey ever.

We then picked up some food and rubbers, and killed time till it was 5 PM to pick up Gladys and her sister. Sure enough I was seriously expecting the girls to not show up. Wasn't too far off. Only Gladys showed up. She was tall, nearly my height. She had big eyes, big cheeks and a big nose. Her skin was fairly dark, and it looked like she was packing some big breasts, or alot of tissues. (note to self: ask Dick about that).

We drove straight home. I had forgotten to buy something to mix the whiskey with. And all I had left was some powdered Lipton Iced Tea that I had bought months ago. They tried drinking the whiskey, it was really bad. Here they would describe it as pure alcohol mixed with flavourings and colourings. Not too inconceivable. So they drank my bottle of white Piat D'Or. All in all it was quite an expensive venture on my behalf, 5 grand for some food that didn't get eaten, 15 grand or more for some of my home-made food, 15 grand for that shit whiskey and another 15 for my wine. That's a total of 50 grand. Damn! (that's over 30 bucks). Oh and another 10 grand for their cab ride home which Dick says he'll pay back. For the books that guy owes me 25 grand, 15 for the wine and 10 for the cab ride, I'll let him off for the rest.

At around midnight, after spending the night watching Arabic music videos, them drinking my wine and me drinking that screwed up whiskey mixed with Iced Tea; I shooed them to bed. At around 1 AM, I turn off the generator and start getting ready to go to bed. Dick shows up telling me to walk into the other bedroom and screw Gladys, a cheesy porno scene begins to run through my mind. I tell him I can't do that, I suggest that if she wants to climb into my bed that's fine. I did do one dick move hehe: I took the big bed and gave that the coffin sized bed mwahaahaha.

Dick came back several times to talk me into screwing the chick. And even though it might of been a ploy to get me out of my own bed so that they could spend the remainder of the night in mine. But it is a 'custom' here that in the case that one guy brings a girl and another guy provides the place to screw, the shelter-provider has the right to screw the chick too. It's pretty damn sick-minded. Well eventually I went over to Gladys and asked her if she wanted to get into my bed 'because my bed was bigger'. She declined, and that put an end to Dick's attempts to pursue 'custom'.

In the morning Gladys woke me up with tickles. I got up acting slightly grumpy. And then drove them off to the main street. Dick was expecting me to drive them home, and that I wasn't going to do. Today's an odd day, my car being evens and not allowed to drive. I could get pulled over and with my Arabic, I can get fucked with i.e. accused of being a foreign terrorist and today being a shiite event only made that worse. So I had to drive back home and give him cab money, because I forgot he was out of cash.

All in all, it was big hassle for nothing. But it's been a while since I've had a day like that, and for that I'm kind of grateful.

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