Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cafe Closing Soon

Got back from spending a night at the farm yesterday. My cousin and her mum slept over at mine. Her mum beat me at Scrabble. I was so glad to finally have someone to play scrabble with. It's been months since I got it.

Went to uni today. As usual no bleeding classes. There's talk that the two sections in my year are going to be sticked together which is pissing off all the kids. I don't really care. But sure that does bring the quality of education which is awful as it is already even lower.

Spent the day with my cousin, I think it's the first time we actually have a good time together. We had lunch and picked some gift for her dad's birthday. Turns out that both of my uncle's are born on the same day. One was actually born past midnight but in those days that didn't mean that he was born in the new day. Something to do with the lunar calender my uncle tells me.

My favourite internet cafe's generator has been repaired since the last time I came here. What a relief but it's late now and they're going to close soon.

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