Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cousin Visiting

Had a really long day yesterday. After I made my last post I drove over to go pick up my cousin and her mum. I parked infront of their friend's house and called up Suzy. We spoke for a while, she said she'll show up at college on Wednesday. About time too.

Things between Suzy and I haven't grown into any kind of romantic relationship. India did point out to me that there is some level of intimacy. And that in itself was something. It's all fine with me, just wish I could hook myself with some chick eventually as unlikey as that seems. I do fancy her best-friend Sandy though. That chick has a petite but oh so fine body. And she's really perky too.

I was hoping to take my cousin and her mum to a restaurant after I picked them up from their friend's house but it was 9 PM and the whole neighbourhood was closed down. When we got home, Nahida hooked us up with some pasta. And oh my god does my cousin have an appetite.

We played scrabble and this time I won. After that her mum went to sleep. And my cousin and I spent the night chatting about how our dads are so messed up. She then went to sleep.

And even though I was really exhausted, I decided to call up Remy who had sent me his phone number. It's only when I speak to a guy like that do I realize how much I miss the bugger.

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