Saturday, February 25, 2006

Enjoying Day Time Curfews

I really love day time curfews. It makes the whole city feel like an oversized park. The weather these past few days has been gorgeous too. Kids are playing football in the middle of the roads, I saw a couple with kites too. I wish I had repaired my bike. It really sucks that I'm somewhat stuck at home. Even the internet cafe where I'm at is going to close as soon as the electricity cuts off which is pretty soon.

Kiko called me today. That was a pleasant surprise. He's a crazy guy, the only dude from Lebanon to have visited me in Iraq. I also chatted to Jen a couple of days ago. It's been ages since I've chatted to her too. She's just moved, and seems a bit out of place or something.

I'm so worried about pulling off a decent summer. I need to get out of here for the summer cause it's going to be way too hot with no electricity to bear. I'm hoping I can make it to the UK and that my bro will hook me up with a job for a month or so. Save some dough. And then pick some place to go.

I'm still shocked that I got a 3/25 on my mid-year marketing exam. Damn, if I fail that could ruin my summer plans, probably not completely but it might make me spend the second half of it in Baghdad to take summer classes and do the retest. And that will hurt. I'm still not sure of the implications of failing a subject. But I'm pretty confident that with a reasonable amount of effort I could pass the stupid subject.

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