Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Afternoon

Spent the past couple of hours tweaking my iPod. I'm now downloading some vintage cartoon and making my pictures viewable on the iPod.

A few days ago I went over to the dermatoligist to get a skin rash on my chest checked out. He said I got it because I've got such a hairy chest. He prescribed me some ointement and some pills to take. A couple evenings later I reached into the pack of pills and found that it was some some kind of head pill. That I didn't really like. And I've become really pissy during the evenings. I don't know if it's the pills or something else like my bad mark in marketing or Nahida's looming presence when I get back home.

The other night I was asking myself if I was dead. If somehow I was born again. Portions of my life seem so disconnected. There's very little left to connect one portion. The friends I had are no longer in my life except on the odd occasion that we chat on-line or call each other.

It's nice having the internet cafe to oneself. I wasn't aware that today there was ban on car traffic. But the internet cafe is awfully close to my home and I don't need to pass through any checkpoints. I think the curfew just ended now that it's 4 O'Clock.

Was supposed to go to the farm today. But I couldn't be bothered, and didn't have to put much of a fight since I was in such a bad mood yesterday. Nice one.

India is being such a dick for not lending me his iPod charger, and I'm going to hold that against him. He says that he doesn't want to lend it to me out of fear that I break and won't be able to replace it. But I can within a few months.

College should restart on Sunday, unless another curfew is imposed. We might've had over a month of vacation since our mid-year exams ended.

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