Saturday, March 18, 2006

Foo Hoo

I'm nearly bored enough to pick up that book I got to read. Maybe I should study something. I've done nothing productive since I've woken up 2 hours ago. I'm not sure if I've got classes tomorrow. Kind of hope that we don't.

I'm spending too much time on this laptop. I really need to get off of it. But it's so easy to just mindlessly click on stuff.

Last night I finished watching Basilisk, a 24 episode Japanese cartoon about two feuding ninja villages that have been under a peace treaty with unsubsiding hate towards each other that now by order of some shogun they must kill the other. However, the two protagonists in the story, the leaders of both villages were about to be wed and love each other but can't help prevent the killings from taking place so strong was the hatred between the two villages. It was such a sad story.

What shall I have for lunch? Remy gave me a recipe that uses those Dried Shitake Mushrooms that I had bought a short while ago: fry it up with bits of chicken, broccoli, olive oil and soy sauce. Note to self: get broccoli. Now I still need that recipe for minced pies.

Kiki and his friend in Malaysia has just moved into a new appartement with a couple of chinese girls and a brother of one of them. He's now paying 50 bucks a month and is getting greenish-yellow tap water because of the rusty pipes.

I'm going to see what's happening in regards to my lunch.

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