Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day At Medicine City

Od called and woke me up at 6:30 in the morning today. Told me I had 15 minutes to get ready. He came and picked me up. We went to his uni. I sat with him and a couple of classmates who were getting ready for their test. I read some notes about obstectrics.

Around about 9 I went off to get a panoramic x-ray for my wisdom teeth. At the entrance to the building they took my mobile phone from me, which is quite normal. It took me 2 hours to get it. The x-ray lady was at a meeting I think. And then when I took the x-ray she gave me my old x-ray from 8 months ago and lost the one I just took. So I had to take it again.

After that I went to donate blood where at the entrance they took my pack of smokes instead of my mobile phone, that was a first for me. First I had to give my information name, address and phone numbers, then I had to take a blood test which I had to take to a doctor to check. The doctor told me that I had too much blood. So I said that's bad for me but good for you quizzingly. And again he told me I had too much blood and that I had to go to Ibn Al Nafeess hospital. After a little confusion I understood from him that I the test result showed that my PCV level was 52% and should be 45% and that he won't accept it. It would've saved time had I asked him to explain in English. Doctors study in English here, and can express themselves in medical terms quite well. That doesn't mean you can always have a real conversation.

I then met up with Dina at the hospital building where she worked nearby. I haven't seen her in ages. I had called her yesterday to tell her that I was coming. And oh my she looked good. She keeps telling on the phone how she doesn't like her job, but she really does seem competent and enjoying it or maybe was it that I caught her at the end of her shift. She explained to me that I have too many red blood cells and that it's because of smoking. And that these red blood cells could clog up my blood vessels. And I guess that explains why instead of taking my mobile phone at the door, they took my pack of smokes.

After spending half an hour with Dina we met up with Od, and I then walked her half way to her cab. Caught up with Od and left. As we were driving out of the car park, Od pointed out an Iraqi Police Technical (a pick up truck with a machine gun on the back) carrying a dead bloated body blindfolded with a head cloth and hands tied behind his back. Od pointed out that the man had been tortured and thrown in the water (Od's been studying his forensics).

We decided to go get some lunch instead of going home. We called Zaif to have him have lunch with us near his uni. Zaif and I had some chicken shawerma, Od ordered a basterma and egg burger which is really tasty but takes ages to cook. Zaif and I had finished our food by the time his burger was ready.

Now I'm home and waiting for my 'good morning' coffee that I missed in the morning.

And I hope my blog page opens up now, cause it hasn't been working eversince the last time I posted. Damn I forgot to find out what my blood type is.

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