Saturday, March 11, 2006

Late For Bed

A very uneventful week-end. There was no anticipated traffic ban on Friday, which meant that I could've gone to the farm. But I didn't and gladly so, because the day before I had slept over at Fal's with India and Wath. That sleep over screwed up my sleeping schedule which is no surprise at all, happens every time.

Lilly's been really bugging me on yahoo messenger with her buzzes, 'I'm bored' and 'I like you alot' messages. This girl is dumb beyond beyond belief. The recurrence of the 'I like you alot' worries me. Well I hope it's something she tells all the guys and not an infatuation, it's hard to tell with such an airhead. Just now I started to give her advice to see a shrink in regards to her 'I'm bored' messages. Unfortunately she didn't buy it.

I think I'm... I forgot what I was going to say. Got interrupted by some Iraqi chick on yahoo messenger she just showed up on the hi5 website a few months ago. Weird girl, she's Iraqi and lives in Holland or Germany and pretends to be stubborn much like Iraqi girls do here thinking it's cool. I don't really know what drives a chick to chat to me, I don't really understand why someone would want to chat to another person that they don't know in person and even don't share some kind of activity or interest in life. Guess she's hitting on me maybe finding herself a husband from Iraq that her parents might approve of, or more than likely just wanting to chat to some dickless dude from Iraq.

I have some kind of prejudice against Iraqi expatriots. They usually have a tendancy to talk with authority about everything to do with Iraq. Sure enough I do find a brotherly bond towards any Iraqi I meet abroad. And I respect those that I see who are struggling and in whose eyes I can see a true Iraqi that's gone through all the shit there is to have gone through. But then there are those who seem to have had it so easy, and they're the loud ones that have the luxury to talk, getting all patriotic on my ass, it's dispicable. From another point of view I might see them as deserters.

I'm already past my bed time, it's going to be so hard to wake up for college tomorrow.

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