Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Evil That Men Can Do

India scared the crap out of me, just thinking about it now gives me the chills. If what he told me turns out to be true and indeed becomes reality, It would be mad. Sheer madness. It'll be the end of it all. The whole country would turn upside down. New powers would be created. The flood gates would finally break. And a new vector of chaos will churn the already violent world Iraq has become. I'm starting to think that I'll have to take drastic precautions should the chance arise. What India told me it that there's talk about alcohol being banned. Could they do that without a formed government? I'm expecting alcohol sales to resume next week. If they were to open for just a small window of time, I'd be able to stockpile the stuff assuming that the price isn't inflated based on such a fear. I don't really understand who tells the alcohol stores not to sell. During Saddam days it was just Fridays and the month of Ramadhan that they weren't allowed to sell. But now all it takes is the whim of a bunch of scary dudes.

Well heck if they do ban the stuff, there's a weak chance but which in time could increase of a new sub-culture being formed. That similar to the prohibition days of America, but that's wishful thinking when comparing to Saudi Arabia or Iran (doesn't Iran ban alcohol?). This is such crap.

I remember when the war had just finished, and I was sitting with a foreigner outside of pizzeria drinking down a cool beer. And it was the best feeling ever. Openly drinking a beer basking in the warm sun on a main street watching the people passing by and waiting for the pizza. Things have really taken a wrong turn since then.

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