Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stuck At Home Again

I heard an explosion an hour before I left home for college yesterday, and today I hear the same explosion. Well they all sound the same to me. I walk to my main street today and all the traffic that I'm used to seeing is gone. I ask a man what's going on he tells me that he heard that there was an explosion further down the street.

I walk for maybe 20 minutes to the opposite end of the main street, no traffic there either. Saw an Iraqi army guy give a warning shot at an incoming car. I was surprised that the soldier didn't shoot into the sky, which is a good thing. I still wasn't sure if this whole thing was just specific to my neighbourhood or was city wide. I didn't dare ask any questions to the cops, I often get mistaken for an Arab by cab drivers, and now wasn't a good time to get mistaken as such by a cop.

I started to feel that I needed to finish my morning's dump and realised that I had forgotten my phone at home, so instead of walking another 15 minutes in hope of finding some open roads beyond the horizon, I chose to walk back home. On the way back, I overheard that the explosion took place at an intersection further ahead in the direction I was now walking. I hope the land registry didn't get hit, cause that might suck.

Now that I'm home I'm thinking of watching one of the DVDs I bought yesterday. I got the choice of 'Waiting...' and 'Rent'.

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Shpilkis said...

Shit. "Waiting..." sounds good. I'll bet "Rent" sucks juicy furry nard nobs.