Saturday, March 25, 2006

Big Belly Bulging

Crap Just got disconnected. The internet's been really pissy with me of late. Ah the phone just rang. Somebody's been trying to call. I've had the line occupied for the past 8 hours at least. I'm too evil. Well heck everyone has mobiles now.

Since the 5th of March I've spent about 80 bucks on internet cards. I think this points out clearly that I'm better off spending my money on a wireless internet subscription for about 50 bucks instead. Now I just need to buy the hardware. And I'm really confused about that. I've got another pc upstairs in Nahida's part of the house that's broken down and I think that all it needs a new motherboard. I'll also need a UPS. The good news is that Nahida got herself a power line from one of the neighbour's generators, which means that she'll have electricity even when the national grid cuts off.

The PC upstairs is already connected to a grid on the roof and my laptop has wireless connectivity. Now what's the best way to share the internet between the two computers? Do I buy a router and stick a little antenna to the pc upstairs or do I get a USB wireless thingy that I stick to my pc upstairs. The first option is better in the sense that I won't have to rely on a constant flow of electricity assuming that a router can run on a simple UPS device for hours (need to find out if that annoying beeper can be cut off). The second choice is cheaper, but could end up being a real hassle.

This sucks, there are alot more explosions in my neighbourhood the past few days. I just heard one, and though it wasn't window shaking strong, it did have a strong crisp bass, it was probably small and close. Nearly skipped a heart beat.

I'm pretty sure there was a time when I heard more explosions in my neighbourhood than I do now, but it's been really peaceful for a great deal of time until now.

I just sent my uncle a really long e-mail in response to his request for help and advice about his inherited farmland. My dad split up the farmland and my uncle doesn't like how it's been split up. I think what's happened is that alot of people want to build rifts between them so they've been spewing crap talk to my uncle. Yeah the folks from my farm love to talk shit. So I sent an e-mail trying to be as diplomatic as possible, explaining to him that his threat of "holding my dad responsible" for his 'unfair' share of the inheritance was an empty one since there wasn't much he could do about it.

That same uncle got nominated for a really important government post today. I wonder what he makes of it, being miles away from here. I don't think he'd take it. I don't think it's his thing.

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