Saturday, December 24, 2005

Damn You Liminal

I'm still posting from the internet cafe. Can't be bothered to fix my PC. Thinking of just getting a laptop instead. I've got an urge to spend money these days, that's just a tad out of control. The good thing about not having a PC is that I'm spending more time downstairs and without the need of a generator. Nothing ever good on TV. So I sit and play Final Fantasy Tactics on the DS which is a demented game for real, but it kills timely so sweetly.

So Liminal spent maybe an hour or less, persuading me to learn Arabic a couple of nights ago. Had I done what I agreed to do, I would've started already. But I'm going to today. After I'm done here I'm going to go off to buy an Arabic-English dictionary, a newspaper, a pen and a hardcover notebook. I'm going to underline the words I don't know and learn them. I'll admit my confidence is withering already.

Got to go to my uncle's funeral thingie today. Sit down say some stuff as I sit down, close my eyes and pretend to perform a prayer, drink some coffee. Shit I got to be ready to spend a long time there.

It's the season to send Christmas e-mails. Got 2 sent so far. Ah 4 now. 4 is a good number. That's good enough.

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