Monday, December 19, 2005

Expired Beer

It's no so often that I find the title to a post so easily. Well I still need to go the internet cafe because my PC is still playing dead. Home is so boring without it. That's why I've come here to the internet cafe. I found a new hobby of downloading mp3s of unheard of bands, hell they're free and legal. I bought a little Creative mp3 player. Now I'm thinking it's too small. 256 MB turned out not to be enough. An IPod seems to be the way to go. But damn those things are expensive. I'm seeing ads of an overgrown bean Sony looking thing. Maybe that's the way to go.

The thing I hate about these internet cafes, are the keyboards. They've all got sticky keys.

So on my way back from uni, inspired by the guys in the car infront of me in the petrol queue yesterday, I got myself some bottles of beer. Finished my first one and began to look for the expiry date. It expired May of this year, typical! It still gives a buzz. They're expired because they're cheaper and nobody is going to give them even a slap on the wrist for selling it. What really gets on my nerves is the abundance of beer produced in Turkey some of which is labelled Carlsberg or Tuborg. Given the choice I'd go for expired beer of the stuff made in Turkey. Not that I have anything against Turkey. Just their beer is pretty lousy if you ask me. And no I wouldn't be able to know the difference in a blind test.

I spent over an hour, maybe two hours yesterday in a petrol queue of a closed petrol station. The price of petrol has gone up. It used to cost 20/50 I.D. a litrefor normal/premium fuel, it now costs 150/250 I.D. a litre. Well yeah it's quite a big diffence, I just hope that it means that queue will be a bit shorter next time I go to the fuel station. Yeah I'm going to the premium station. Because it's not like a station sells both. Some stations sell normal and a few sell premium. And when we're talking premium, it's not the high-octane stuff. It's just a little bit better than the plain stuff, which is really bad. And there's no unleaded fuel in case you were wondering.

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