Friday, December 16, 2005

Traffic And The Lack There Of

Today I got out of the house. I was hoping to go to India's to finish the Butterfly Effect but his sis and her husband were over to watch movies. Od was busy studying, so I called up Zaif, and rode over to his house. There was a bit of confusion whether if we could drive our cars out of our neighbourhood and I wanted to refuel my car. So I decided to see if the petrol station was open, it wasn't and the cops weren't allowing people to drive out of my neighbourhood. Had lunch at his place and then Naf took us for a ride to Od's. The cops stopped us on the way, but they let us pass. On the way back, we avoided the cops who were standing at the main intersections.

Zaif gave me the link to a the traffic police's website where you can check if there any fines on your car. Oh the actual page where you can do that is this. All you need to do is put in your license plate number, the type of plate, and assigned region; and you'll get an instant result. It's especially useful if you want to check if you got caught breaking the odd's and even's driving rule (Alternatingly daily only odd or even license plated cars can drive the roads). Well anyway, I'm good, I never broke that law and nor do I have any outstanding fines.

It drizzled rain for a few moments today. That was cool. It's really nice seeing the streets without cars. All the kids have taken over a strip of the main street to play football. And it's oh so quiet and peaceful. Tomorrow it's all going to end, at 6 AM tomorrow all the hussle and bussle will start all over again.

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