Friday, December 02, 2005

Lost My Phone

I was writing such a long post early this morning and lost it when the generator ran out of fuel.

Actually it was this morning. On my way back from uni yesterday I purchased myself another bottle of white wine, ended up sleeping at around 6 in the evening and waking up at around 4 this morning.

Yesterday was a pretty crap day. Nahida woke me up around 2 AM to get me in my sheets yelling that I'll get diarrhea, that really ticked me off and even more so when she flung the blanket over me along with my precious digital camera that hit the wall.

My mobile phone fell out of my pocket in the cab I was riding on the way to uni. I called it a little later and it rang but no one answered, I called again an hour later and again, the phone was switched off. Everybody at uni felt sorry for me until they found out what kind of phone I had... the Nokia 1100 priced at 65$ probably the cheapest mobile phone on the market.

I got a good mark on my quality admin test (4/5), which was a good surprise. I've got Risk Management on Sunday, haven't started studying and I'm not too confident. One class that I'm really crapping myself about is commerical law. The teach just dictates, and I can't understand anything of what she's saying.

And what about Suzy... After my marketing test on Wednesday I found her sitting in the adjacent classroom with her friend. I sat down with her and we discussed my test, her friend wandered off on queue. And as instructed by Lilly I told Suzy "I love you lovingly". In Arabic the word "love" and "like" are the same, and that's why I think it's necessary to say it like that. She responded by saying we're to be 'friends' which I'm not sure but it could either mean 'friends' like when you're being dumped or if it means 'boyfriend/girlfriend'.

Another funny twist is that by saying 'friends' she might be implying as a cautionary note that we've got no future in a marriage sense. Lilly's cautioned me several times that marriage is impossible since her parents would not allow her to marry a Muslim. And that's really fine with me, I'm sure it wouldn't be with the vast majority of guys but it is with me. The only thing that's somewhat stressing me out is that she introduced me to her brother and yesterday he was really chummy with me, I hope he just sees me as an extension of his network of friends.

Well on the whole the relationship is really really luke warm so far. Which I think is good. I haven't even touched the girl yet. I don't have her phone number either, for that I'm glad because I rely alot on non-verbal communication to make myself understood.

I'm really curious to see where this is all going to go. Because I've got no idea.

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