Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Power Cuts And The Words Will Be Forever Gone

Maybe 7 minutes left. Maybe less, maybe more. If only I had bought a UPS. I drunk on some Piat D'Or, a label from my childhood memories. My brother tells me that is was popular in the 80s. Tonight it's popular again.

I rode my bike to Od's place today. On the way back I fell off it while trying to jump onto a curb. Scraped the underside of my upper forearm. Couldn't go to sleep because of a mad burning sensation from the same area. So I popped an aspirin, a lezopram (I think it was), and that bottle of red wine.

The pain has subdued somewhat and I think I can fall asleep now. Zed's done a good job of convincing me to come to Bulgaria this coming summer. If I can I will. I've got a couple of grand stashed aside. Well when the time comes I'll make my call.

I'm still wondering what we'll be 'friends' means to Suzy. We did swap phone numbers. And keep trying to get 0n-line at the same time, but luck doesn't seem to be on my side. It's getting really hard to get an internet connection.

Dad left a couple of days ago. He's back in Bath now. Yeah I miss Bath. Should be heading up there next summer. Smoke some of that smelly skunk perhaps. Make a little spending money and do a little trip to someplace.

Until then I'll have to keep myself occupied with VH1 and playing video games. These days I'm playing NFS Most Wanted. It feels awfully easy. Haven't played Mario since dad arrived.

Right now we've got some sort of vacation on account of the elections. Not just a vacation but we're also forbidden to drive on the roads. But I'm a bit confused about that last bit. I'm hearing that it might be permitted to drive durin certain hours. Well I've got my bike anyway.

India's got himself a new second-hand Sony widescreen tv, so I'm planning to mosey on down to his tomorrow and watch a movie. Today I did read the risk management material that I failed in last week's test. I got a 2/5. Well bugger, can't win them all huh.

During the past couple of weeks I've had some serious trouble getting myself to study. I just couldn't be bothered. I might be just trying to gauge how bad I'll do if I give the least effort I could give.

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