Thursday, December 08, 2005

One Paragraph

Woke up on time today, got dressed. Didn't shave, didn't bother tucking in my shirt. Got to college in one piece. Spent some time with Suzy before classes started, then left her to study with the other kids for today's marketing test. I didn't end up doing so bad on the test. The two questions were piss easy. Went off to Sana'a St. to find myself a laptop bag to carry my shit for my bicycle ride to college. I bought a bike yesterday. I'm going to try and ride my bike to uni. It's quite a ridiculous idea. But I won't know if I can do it until I try. Everybody would bet that I can't. I did buy a little mp3 player though, which I could use for the bike ride, if not then I'll plug it in the car audio. I might finally be able to receive FM above 99 Mhz in the car. Met up with my classmates for lunch at some really awful yet popular restaurant called 'Blue Sky'. It's December but it's still so bleeding warm here. It seemed like the weather was cooling off about a month ago. It was so hot today that we couldn't sit outside the restaurant. I didn't give a care, but the others were whining so we ended up getting seats inside. We then went off to the funeral service, of one of our classmates brother. Some dude walked up to him and shot him in the face. So far none of us no why. I got pissy because the whole service took longer than I expected and it was really far from my home. And I was worried I was going to have some real trouble catching a cab out of there. Fortunately I got a good deal without waiting too much. Dad came back from the farm today. He's now supposed to go back to the UK on Sunday. I finally beat him at dominoes. I'm not going to play another game till I see him again, to make sure I rub it in. Oh yeah and there's a bottle of whiskey waiting for me in the kitchen...

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