Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Arm's Feeling A Little Better

I'm so bored and lazy today. I think I must be gaining weight again. I should tuck back into bed and hibernate. Had I woken up earlier I could've gone to India's to finish the Butterfly Effect. These random chatters that show up on my ICQ are so damn boring and becoming a nuisance. Looking at my white board my spending looks a little better these past couple of days.

I'm not bothered to go and vote. Oh yes, apathy has prevailed. And if this country goes beyond hell, I can now blame only myself.

So what else is up. Did I mention that Suzy and I exchanged phone number for the sake of getting on-line together. But I keep having such trouble of getting on-line during the early evening. It never works out. I should call her today. I don't think I will, I'm feeling too lazy and enjoying it.

A week ago I went to a relative's house with my dad, he'd been suggesting that I marry one of the daughters. I was very reluctant to the idea. While I was there I sat with her to smoke some cigarettes away from my father. Suzy gave me a missed call. And I said: "Oh, I've got to call my girlfriend". After telling the daughter about Suzy, she starts telling me to leave her. She goes on to say that I should call her instead of Suzy. I did get the impression that this girl was coming on to me the last time I saw her 3 years ago. But this was outrageous. On the way back I told my dad about the incident in the cab. Hopefully that should put that girl out of his mind.

I was telling Hans about my requirements of an arranged wife. She'd need to satisfy 2 out of 3 qualities: Beauty, Wealth and Career. Yeah I'm sticking the bar really high, but one might as well if there's no romance in the deal.

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Caesar of Pentra said...

hey, they told me that your blog is similar (somewhat) to mine.
Just being and lusty as I am.
Searching for the Utopia in this miserable country.
Love to hear from you.
by the way, be in touch!!! ok ;)