Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's Like A Quarter Bottle Of Grant's

Yeah I'm going all alcoholic again. I need myself a Ramadhan. Found new pleasure in buying 2 dollar quarter bottles of Grant's while driving around. It ain't bad at for that price. Embarrassed myself a tid bit at uni the other day at uni. But heck I don't care.

Mum might be visiting in a few days. I'm quite looking forward to that. . I miss her. If I had the chance I would've tried convincing her not to come. No good ever comes from visiting Baghdad.

I feel really messed up of late. I'm getting nothing done. I did buy that dictionary but didn't find a newspaper. So I spent an hour looking up words that I didn't understand in my risk management handout.

Od's trying to get us some hash for New Year's that I'll be paying for. heck I think it's worth it and no I don't think it's going to mess me up. But it doesn't seem to be happening. Too bad. New Year's is probably going to be one of those nights that I try to go to sleep early. Kid's at uni, knowing that I live alone, want to come over. But I'm not ready to have such a pathetic time.

I miss a few things. I miss the feeling of something new. I miss that feeling that life is happening this very moment. I miss these things, and I wonder if I'll ever life a life filled with such things again.

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