Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ow! My Arm and By The Way The Tap Water Is Poisoned

My arm still hurts from yesterday's bike fall. It just burns. But I must admit that it's been getting slightly better over the past few hours. I've realised that the area is swollen. I rode my bike to India's place watched half of the Butterfly Effect. Couldn't watch the other half because the electricity was lacking and I wanted to get back before dark. Some punk in a humvee made me stay put until he moved out. I was so far away it took the piss. I was on a different street for crying out loud. And damn their hand signaling is so damn confusing, especially when they're asking you to do something so unexpected.

20 minutes ago I got an SMS from Dina saying that the tap water is poisoned, and one of my classmates just called saying the same thing too. I asked that maybe it's just some kind of rumour that's gone out of control, he says that a cop relative of his gave him the news and that there have been cases brought to the hospitals. I just called India, and his cousin has told him that the tap water is poisoned too. India also heard from his cousin that it's official, but India didn't get what was the source of this official statement. It's 2 in the morning! And there's absolutely nothing on the tellie about it.

Well ain't this a great way to start up the elections. Yeah I'm still not sure who or if I'm going to vote tomorrow. I might not be registered at all. One suggestion is to vote for some punks that are bound to lose. I'm not sure, I'm thinking that or choosing another leading party that's opposed to one I dislike. Try guessing which is the one I dislike the most.

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